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File 129740168326.png - (28.15KB , 640x480 )
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thats a pirate.
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File 129616691194.jpg - (757.52KB , 1024x768 , Jellyfish.jpg )
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hi gais, didja miss me?
<3 :3

picture is a jellyfish. :<
i have no oc on this damn computer.
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File 129402273380.jpg - (18.85KB , 400x300 , too+tired2[1].jpg )
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sup gais,
sorry I haven't been around.
in fact, I can't be around for much longer (tonight).
Just dropping in to let you guys know that I ordered the prints of the photos, and the first batch cut off the top of my head in nearly every picture. So they'll have to be on bigger pieces of paper, thats all. :3

I love you all so much, I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.
Keep your chins up,
It wont be long now.
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File 129314754683.jpg - (17.92KB , 323x301 , stress.jpg )
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the holidays are upon us.
I am so sorry I haven't been around, honestly, it couldn't be helped.
Sorry for no OC,
thats a 'comin.

the autographs. ahem.

Here is how the process will go,
1. pick your photo from my new photobucket
2. pay $20.00 on paypal. (because the money received will be used to print the photos, so we need that first. D; <3) In your payment, I ask that you write your e-mail in the note, so I know you're you. (:
3. send me an e-mail at boxxosphere@gmail.com with the number of the photo chosen, the message you'd like(if you have a preference) and who you'd like it to be signed by (boxxy/catie)

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File 129255217436.jpg - (452.51KB , 1310x1932 , wutsdat.jpg )
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hay gais.
sorry for the absence.
picture was taken right before the foar ant video was shot. <3
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File 129263750285.jpg - (712.82KB , 1932x2576 , 103_2100.jpg )
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Hi guys. Changing my trip code, as promised.
Will verify with old trip in next post.

ignore the red line in muh eye. <3
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File 129187286230.jpg - (4.69KB , 259x194 , images.jpg )
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I've been gone two seconds.
sup gais, why all the hate?
leave morphen and forby alone, they didn't do anything wrong. Even if they did no one should gang up on them. It's hard to be alone. They can dislike me all they want.
The comment towards Morphen was not meant as a retort, but a real question.

Come now guys, happy thread. :3
moment of negativity;
k, no more negativity after that.
all done.
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File 129186278462.jpg - (296.70KB , 802x1069 , categrad.jpg )
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Hi guys. :<
i'm sorry i haven't been around lately. (ima busy busy bee)
We ended up getting a new computer to be on the safe side.
I have not abandoned you. (>:I) As far as I can tell, my accounts have not been compromised (except my s4tisf4ction account; shaking in my boots.)
all the same, i'm in the process of securing my accounts, and once I get to take a timestamp i'll be changing my tripcode.

but other than that, how's life?
D: /hugs

also, heres my grad picture, thought you guys might wanna see it.
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File 129067566737.jpg - (298.02KB , 1006x1364 , anewhopeee.jpg )
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So much to be thankful for.
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File 129012906041.png - (12.79KB , 406x436 , 1239238929011.png )
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i'll just leave this here...
pic unrelated
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File 12562690288.png - (112.01KB , 406x526 , l_d2408df29aad4abfb3d9db63751d4320.png )
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thars 1
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>> No. 633512

File 124710220912.jpg - (29.35KB , 289x400 , oooooo.jpg )
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>> No. 631976
i ain't no PUSSY BITCH

File 155077421785.jpg - (464.09KB , 2048x1152 , depreschan.jpg )
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Greetings from D!e!p!r!e!s!c!h!a!n!
Come visit us, if you'd like.
>> No. 633536 >>633541
depression is normal

only losers without a theory of mind expect everyone to be happy or productive all the time
>> No. 633541
File 155081648246.jpg - (87.14KB , 1280x952 , photo_2019-02-20_15-20-23 (2).jpg )
It's true.
>> No. 633542

File 153460997757.jpg - (89.36KB , 768x1024 , pehmeä tyty.jpg )
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There has been a lot of catie hate recently which is completely understandable cause she became a degenerate feminist, but she's still cute, fluffy, soft, nice, lovely, beautiful, probably smells like strawberry shampoo and you have to admit that if you had the chance you would pet, hug and sniff her so much! Say something nice about catie :3
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>> No. 633516
File 155056831948.png - (71.16KB , 300x240 , nyt.png )
>> No. 633537 >>633540
Bumping for Catie.
And she'd better get more successful soon or else I'm going to... have to wait.
>> No. 633540
File 15508003053.jpg - (8.32KB , 250x247 , 1463064047907[1].jpg )
That's gonna be a long wait

File 154856297556.png - (577.76KB , 1820x1776 , History_of_june.png )
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Explanation attached.
You could have just gone to ED.
Props to the fatty for giving this asshole what she deserved.
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>> No. 633515
File 155051139769.png - (0.99MB , 1051x708 , huey.png )
Bitches still soooo mad here that this is how Huey spent 99% of her time with me.
>> No. 633538
Okay guise.
We're for SURE *NOT* going to kidnap June Laporta and sell her to ISIS.
We DON'T have 3 different buyers willing to lock her in a storage container and transport her to the Middle East as a sex slave.
This ISN'T going to happen, so if she disappears, it's not THAT.
>> No. 633539
Also, we're *NOT* going to release Gregs home address in Ontario.
Many think it's in Kingston because of his PO Box, but...
Well, we didn't follow him home from the Post Office, that's for sure.
That DIDN'T happen.

File 154991353899.png - (860.25KB , 974x700 , leave me alone.png )
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Just leave me the fuck alone. I am done with all of humanity. Judgement day is coming. Mankind can fucking rot in a steaming pile of shit and piss mixed with vomit and semen.

I love you Huey.

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>> No. 633521 >>633523
Write another paragraph, mad boi. Go on, do it. Obey me.
>> No. 633523
File 155063519646.png - (932.32KB , 649x784 , dad n daughter.png )
Nope. You don't command me. I don't owe you or any of the virgins on this troll den a single turd. You are all powerless so need to try and control others because you have no control in your own pathetic lives. Omfg get over it, still mad and jealous I was dating the hottest girl in the sphere, it was 5 years ago, or are you all mad because you know one day she will come back to me. Not like I would even accept her back in my life if she still believes the lies and smear campaign against me. Not 1 pathetic bitch will address me by making a video directed towards my channel. Hurr durr!! I am concern twolling as anon! You might be anon but I still know a fact about you. You are a virgin, bro. Eat my man cunt, just like yo momma did last night.
>> No. 633535
File 155079182316.png - (1.08MB , 1222x695 , hail victory.png )
Foar Marf. Yew know who yew are.


File 155064097310.jpg - (109.95KB , 1024x465 , gradlaw[1].jpg )
633524 No. 633524 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Soooo... when are we gonna have a Seattle meetup?
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>> No. 633531
File 155070494428.png - (272.46KB , 640x997 , jews.png )
I have to laugh at how dumb you sock puppets truly are, do you really think this thread is not an obvious bait thread to get me to turn up alone at some place for a meetup in which nobody else turns up so you can put your little spy cameras on me, look at this guy!! he's a loser, all alone!! gawd can you be less obvious?

Either that or you faggots that are gay for me will all be there expecting a gay sex party and the privilege of tasting my cawk juice. Just not going to happen. If you want a taste of my cawk juice I suggest you lick yo mommas lips because my cawk has been all over them.
>> No. 633532 >>633533
September 2012. Everyone flaked. Love jericho.
>> No. 633533
Naw Sophie was still on tc at that point so her bitch boi crew waited patiently daily for her to arrive.

File 155007137717.png - (444.08KB , 854x710 , women are trash.png )
633494 No. 633494 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone else feel themselves slowly sliding towards MGTOW for completely practical reasons?

Even ignoring divorce rape and the other kinds of relationship bullshit, there's nothing appealing about a relationship on paper.

Let's picture a perfectly "healthy" relationship - I provide a woman with physical protection, income, DIY skills, problem solving skills etc. etc. for what practical benefit in return? Absolutely fuck all.

Why would I want to spend the entire rest of my life living with and entertaining some physically weak and mentally vapid human being for absolutely nothing practical in return? Wow, I get a hole to put my dick in and my brain releases some happy chemicals when I'm around her!? Let me sign away half of my life and half of my paycheck right this second!!
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>> No. 633511
So, a few months ago I was home alone. I took like 200mg of MDMA, smoked a shit load of weed, and had 3 bottles of poppers on hand. I dosed the MDMA and weed so that they both 'peaked' at the same time. I spent the whole night with my cock locked in an extra-small chastity cage, with a temporary queen of spades tattoo above it.

I watched BBC sissy hypno porn the entire time, and eventually set up a few sessions on niteflight. one mistress called her friend on facetime to show me off because she said she had never seen an ass so wrecked before. Oh, btw, I was riding a huge 12inch black dildo the whole time, but was also playing with an inflatable butt-plug. The other girl I just got her to talk about how much she loves black boys and how white boys are useless to her, and I came in like 2 mins from having a magic wand on my cock cage.
>> No. 633513
File 15504492799.png - (0.99MB , 1097x716 , fart commando.png )
You don't know who you are fucking with, I am a fart commando and are in possession of some very wet and smelly farts.

>> No. 633514

File 154981638893.png - (187.78KB , 296x404 , kisses for u.png )
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hello boxxy!! i found u website i am u biggest fan!! XD

kisses for u lol!

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>> No. 633474
File 154984436312.png - (140.65KB , 814x760 , i luv her.png )
>> No. 633483 >>633492
the only thing more cringy than these people are the asshats posting these in order to feel better about their own situation.
>> No. 633492
absolutely s e e t h i n g

File 153849615979.png - (1.10MB , 1058x712 , wolf amongst the sheep.png )
632368 No. 632368 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
I know you still come to this troll den, Huey.

You can ignore me. You can avoid me. You can believe the lies told about me. You can hate me. You can fuck other dudes.

Do you know what you can't do though, Huey?

UNSUCK MY CAWK. 3 hours of it and I remember every single second.
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>> No. 633457
Smoke my cawk you fukken bitch, hurr durr caleb said you were gay! eat my greasy turd mickey mouse you kike!
>> No. 633459
cecildrake: rarrrr!!! did i scare yew sweethart?
dinos: Umm no, I am 14, not 4.
cecildrake: have yew had sex yet?
dinos: Why are you asking me that?
dinos: You are like my Dads age. It's creepy.
cecildrake: don't be a bitch i just wanted to get to know you.
dinos: OK
cecildrake: do yew masturbate?

>> No. 633467
File 154980808513.png - (759.20KB , 838x439 , praising der fuhrer.png )
I only have respect for one man.

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