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File 154499859811.png - (113.57KB , 332x251 , does my cawk look big in this.png )
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Anthony Devron aka Cecil Drake is the biggest troll in the sphere. He has constantly harassed me, stalked me and told many lies about me. He is paranoid, delusional and suffers from poor mental health. He makes up stories that I am always posting here and following him. They are all lies and the product of his unhealthy and insane imagination.

He has stalked and harassed all the girls here. He has creeped them all out. Always pestering and begging them for sex and making sexual comments towards them. Even to the very young teenage and pre-teenage girls. He even masturbated to a 12 year old girl on webcam and blamed his vile actions on me and then told her he was "counter-trolling" by doing that. One of the girls, who goes by the name Huey, he managed to manipulate and convince her to meet him. He then got her very drunk on a bottle of 2 dollar wine in which he received a 50% discount for and purchased it for 1 dollar. He then had sex with her while she was heavily intoxicated, while at the same time telling every one that she was his girlfriend now and he was in a relationship with her. He told her that all her friends and family were treating her badly and conspiring against her so he could alienate her from every one and completely control her. He used mental abuse to achieve this.

When she finally managed to be sober and away from all the drugs he was feeding her, she didn't want anything to do with him. Being a deranged and violent stalker, he could not handle this and began to stalk her. He had already been found guilty of stalking a female teacher when he was only 15. Huey now had to call the cops because of his aggressive stalking and he was told he could not be in contact with her or he would end up in jail.

He has continued his stalking and was recently arrested for heavy alcohol and drug abuse which led to him threatening people in his apartment with a machete.

Do not listen to or trust this man. I trolled for a few months when I was a young teenager and have grown up now. Cecil will not leave me alone and people keep telling me to come back to this website because he is posting about me.

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>> No. 633454
Still soo fukken mad my cawk head tickled the back of Hueys throat. Pathetic trolls.
>> No. 633460 >>633466
I'm new here but i have heard some troubling rumors... What people tell me is that this "Huey" isn't real, that Cecil just made her up in his mind. Having mental illnes in my family i am very sensitive to this kind of stuff.

Can someone please confirm or deny that "Huey" is real?
>> No. 633466
File 154980021447.jpg - (65.67KB , 640x830 , Lord Doom Bringer.jpg )
Hurr durr this guy is crazy!!

Dude if you don't think Huey is real, smell my cawk. That's her cunt juice. Oh no wait, that's from last night so it's yo mommas cunt juice.

File 154766318736.jpg - (174.97KB , 725x960 , 1353276996086.jpg )
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Hey, what was the screen names of the two namefags from sweden that stalked Catie?

One was a rich jagoff that convinced his parents to enroll him at her school (misleading them).

The other was the one that stalked her at a theme or amusement park and lisa (boxmom) called the cops on him and had him deported.

Also, forby, I noticed you were the idiot trying to edit the old wikispaces back in the day, trying to shoehorn yourself into sphere history even though you're a complete nobody.
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>> No. 633429 >>633431
File 154939401039.png - (4.89KB , 640x480 )
>> No. 633431 >>633463
>> No. 633463
David Firth (Doki66) is great, I've been watching his shows since 2004.

File 154445802931.png - (193.74KB , 337x353 , caleb is a bitch.png )
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Dad cawk and daughter
Makes my mouth water

Legs up for hours
Twisting and fisting

Reminder that this is a troll den filled with sock puppets, trolls and jews.

Don't take anything I say serious here and if you want to contact me you have to make a video showing who you are and I will reply. I don't reply to anonymous trolls from a troll den.

I love Huey. Peace.
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>> No. 633342 >>633351
File 154878513517.png - (1.21MB , 1113x716 , MAD.png )
This guy was the same height and weight as me, just as a warning to some of you dumb bitches who think you can use height against me.

>> No. 633351
handsum :3
>> No. 633453
hurr durr pettifile!

File 15255362211.jpg - (6.12KB , 205x246 , anzu waifu.jpg )
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>> No. 633432
No. She USED to have a good face, her face is boring and bloated looking now and the awful hairstyles she chooses do nothing to help with that. She USED to have a cute voice but constantly puts on a weird nasally tone now because she thinks it's endearing or something. You're delusional.
>> No. 633434 >>633435
people still talk about catie?
>> No. 633435
they aren't called Catiebots for nothing

File 154692687490.jpg - (174.22KB , 1464x1464 , 21248217_10209425657189875_200167228779434562_o.jpg )
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Hey, what's up with Nico?
Is he autistic or what?
I'm not trying to be mean or offensive (yes, I'm aware this is unichan) but I kind of don't get the guy.

I mean, Catie has he obsessive fans, and then there is this guy.

He spams twitter, facebook, discord, every day posting memes about being in love with Catie and about moving to California to marry Catie.

He talks about her body, he posts lolita porn and acts like he's in some sort of secret relationship with her.

Should we notify the police about this guy?
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>> No. 633403
File 15492460453.png - (590.56KB , 1095x756 , sniff sniff.png )
Yeah, yeah, you wish bitch.

I had yo mommas shit pipe wrapped around my cawk last night and after taking 5 showers my cawk still smells like a rotten fart.
>> No. 633418
>> No. 633428

It's not an insult, it's a description.

File 154900605231.png - (789.36KB , 445x796 , it went well.png )
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Hi all Boxxy friends! Guess who is the proud new owner of a vagina? ME!!

The OP went great. Recovering while thinking of you Catie.

#TransDad #TransProud #NewVagina
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>> No. 633390 >>633391
You're not aware of anything
>> No. 633391
I'm aware that yo momma had her lips wrapped around my cawk last night, bitch.
>> No. 633404

File 154792331662.png - (1.02MB , 2904x1572 , The Real Scene.png )
633146 No. 633146 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
So why the fuck is this not fixed? And how do I get around it?
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>> No. 633398 >>633399
r u da hacker known as 4chan?
>> No. 633399
>> No. 633400
cross referencing CC with Unichan won't return you any results

every knows people can cross reference usernames or ips between sites

thats why i never visit uni cc 4chan discord or irc at the same time

this is why despite all the hatred i get on here no one has yet thrown out a username at me that can traced back to me

so suck it

File 154916622950.jpg - (837.26KB , 1877x1600 , 1526210988974.jpg )
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Idiot tried to block my IP.
Hey, dipshit mcgee... that was a proxy address.
I'm really getting annoyed and frustrated with everyone's stupidity and inferiority.
You should already have digested the basics about epistemology, technology, sociology, and ethics by now.
Why do you all keep choosing to be pathetic.
At least watch one crash course on critical thinking.
Why are you all so extremely inferior?
You don't have to be.
It's a choice.

File 15481094918.png - (54.08KB , 472x123 , Capture.png )
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>> No. 633332 >>633354
Hey I'm the only person in the entire sphere with computer skills

The rest of you are wannabes

Facts are facts
>> No. 633354 >>633374
Have you ever made any programs related with amino acids, finance, or chess?
>> No. 633374
I've made programs for epistemic analysis (propositional calculus), meta-analysis, medical differentials, practical game theory and doxastic analysis.

> amino acids, finance, or chess?

What are you, in high school or a freshman in a community college? lol

File 15490421204.jpg - (134.45KB , 778x1600 , IMG-20180908-WA0026.jpg )
633360 No. 633360 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Dan Birlem appreciation thread
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>> No. 633365
yeah how are we gonna appreciate a guy that won't share Catie nudes????
>> No. 633366
why do niggers get so damn fat? is it because they are used to eating air and dirt and when they had a european diet of actual food it bloated them?

i don't envy you guys who live amongst these orcs. eastern europe is comfy.
>> No. 633369
Dan is okay.
Yes, he posted to 4chan and talked to the stalkers during BoxxyPeace, but he was kid who thought it was harmless fun.
Did he betray Catie's trust?
Yeah. But it didn't hurt her objectively, just emotionally.
If anything he seemed to be distracting the stalkers during BoxxyPeace, keeping them in that parking lot; he probably contacted her to let them know they were there so she could leave.

I also know he joined a few tech and humanitarian companies about 5 years ago or so.
Good for him.

We all have the inherent right to move on and progress.

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