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File 155471050076.jpg - (92.85KB , 1080x756 , Screenshot_20190404-155359~01.jpg )
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I just realized I'm far worse than RC could ever be.
I mean I judge him for his stalking Catie and betraying her, yet at the same time I'm constantly searching for updates on her.
I have these fantasies where we're in love and she feels loved, respected and safe... Only to realize I've never met her, she doesn't know I even exist, and I'm basically in love with a face and personality.
I'd point out how that isn't love but I can't get her out of my head sometimes and just looking at her photos does something to my brain.
It's nothing sexual.
I'm probably her worst fan.
I keep hoping that one day the universe will bring us together even though I understand that is just a common pipe dream that people have.
It's cliche.
But yet this impulse drives me.
The impulse to love her, unconditionally.
Who knew this biological happenstance was this strong.
Yet I can't honestly call it love because we don't know each other.
Nature is a cruel joke sometimes.
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>> No. 633836
this is great trolling content
moar plox
>> No. 633875
Nothing to be ashamed of.
>> No. 633876
Conventional love stories are boring anyway.

File 153788768028.png - (364.95KB , 590x847 , 1q.png )
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Yearly reminder that Catie Wayne is a bully that publicly ridicules people and plays the victim.
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>> No. 633842 >>633860
a twenty something posted some click bait stories

that doesn't make her a monster

get over yourself
>> No. 633860 >>633873
Click bait?
Catie Wayne is a brat, and a manipulate one at that.
She doesn't care about anyone.
Ask Dan about Catie.
She's a total basketcase.
She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder a few years ago and clearly has serious other issues.
She's so focused on looking and acting a part she's lost all of her humanity.
She's hallow.
Her man-hating and emotion-shaming has reached explosive narcissistic levels.
She's basically a smiling face attached to heart of hatred and fake virtue signaling.
There's no human left. She's a personality disorder running on fumes.
>> No. 633873
first learn some basic english
second learn that no one is perfect
people also change all the time
also consider that maybe shes right and you're wrong

File 15490421204.jpg - (134.45KB , 778x1600 , IMG-20180908-WA0026.jpg )
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Dan Birlem appreciation thread
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>> No. 633366
why do niggers get so damn fat? is it because they are used to eating air and dirt and when they had a european diet of actual food it bloated them?

i don't envy you guys who live amongst these orcs. eastern europe is comfy.
>> No. 633369
Dan is okay.
Yes, he posted to 4chan and talked to the stalkers during BoxxyPeace, but he was kid who thought it was harmless fun.
Did he betray Catie's trust?
Yeah. But it didn't hurt her objectively, just emotionally.
If anything he seemed to be distracting the stalkers during BoxxyPeace, keeping them in that parking lot; he probably contacted her to let them know they were there so she could leave.

I also know he joined a few tech and humanitarian companies about 5 years ago or so.
Good for him.

We all have the inherent right to move on and progress.
>> No. 633862
Dan never did anything wrong.
Do you even know why they broke up?
Catie said he was too short, to unpopular and didn't have a life plan to become more popular.

File 154991353899.png - (860.25KB , 974x700 , leave me alone.png )
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Just leave me the fuck alone. I am done with all of humanity. Judgement day is coming. Mankind can fucking rot in a steaming pile of shit and piss mixed with vomit and semen.

I love you Huey.

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>> No. 633588 >>633590
Any of you guys remember Moxxie?


Cecil used to cyber with her lol.
>> No. 633590
File 155172343384.png - (1.14MB , 1246x719 , oi oi.png )
Another 13 year old who hungered for my cawk.

>inb4 hurr durrr pedo!

Boring. Get a new line.
>> No. 633848
I rose above that day and came back from the ashes, bitches.

File 154445802931.png - (193.74KB , 337x353 , caleb is a bitch.png )
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Dad cawk and daughter
Makes my mouth water

Legs up for hours
Twisting and fisting

Reminder that this is a troll den filled with sock puppets, trolls and jews.

Don't take anything I say serious here and if you want to contact me you have to make a video showing who you are and I will reply. I don't reply to anonymous trolls from a troll den.

I love Huey. Peace.
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>> No. 633453
hurr durr pettifile!
>> No. 633587 >>633847
I miss McLovin :-(

>> No. 633847
whar is he!?

File 153552783019.png - (104.21KB , 309x369 , John.png )
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June conducts a sociological experiment by living as a man for one day.

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>> No. 633172
>> No. 633353
Andrew has probably seen that video.
>> No. 633845
it wasn't a sociological experiment
sociological experiments require controls

File 153639415131.png - (360.76KB , 353x450 , g0at1.png )
632156 No. 632156 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
"I'm a world class athlete."
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>> No. 632160
He thought deleting his accounts would clear out the back logs. What a buffoon.
>> No. 632211
You cannot bury this post.
>> No. 633843
thats not g0at
thats someone that also has "g0at" in their username that you found on instagram

File 155225726676.jpg - (3.30MB , 4032x3024 , 1552195219010.jpg )
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I miss u
>> No. 633609
File 155227329763.png - (139.83KB , 1275x865 , i miss you.png )
If that's you sweethart, I am here for you. Contact me. I luv you.
>> No. 633610
File 155228469344.png - (753.70KB , 834x479 , smile.png )
I still smile when I think of you Huey.
>> No. 633841
she has a restraining order out on you
you doesn't love you and she never did
youre a stalker not an ex
what part of "she called the cops on you" do you not understand?

File 154692687490.jpg - (174.22KB , 1464x1464 , 21248217_10209425657189875_200167228779434562_o.jpg )
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Hey, what's up with Nico?
Is he autistic or what?
I'm not trying to be mean or offensive (yes, I'm aware this is unichan) but I kind of don't get the guy.

I mean, Catie has he obsessive fans, and then there is this guy.

He spams twitter, facebook, discord, every day posting memes about being in love with Catie and about moving to California to marry Catie.

He talks about her body, he posts lolita porn and acts like he's in some sort of secret relationship with her.

Should we notify the police about this guy?
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>> No. 633730
>no one knows who the fuck that nobody is
Smutchy was a regular poster on Unichan and cammed up a lot on Tinychat.
>> No. 633731
Does anyone else here miss Caver? She was so beautiful :-( Just a school girl back then too... *sigh*
>> No. 633840
look at these clueless idiots that lack the basic ability to keep on topic
cecil take your meds

File 151242229346.jpg - (61.55KB , 800x600 , unipls.jpg )
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What's up fags, I'm back from the dead. Glad to see everyone is still alive. And I see that nothing has really changed, same shit as always on the front page. Never change, Uni.
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>> No. 633765
You couldn't be more wrong. The only fags still alive are the usual bunch of nonentities e.g. jwagzzchrono and masonprof.
>> No. 633771
yeah same. except i have cancer, so i'll soon be returning to the dead.
i hope uni never changes tbh.
>> No. 633839
no one knows who you are and no one cares
the sphere had hundreds of idiots that posted their pics trying to gain attention
each thinking they were now of a central importance to the sphere because they posted a pic and ranted online
every pic poster does that crap because they think if catie sees a pic of them she will swoon and try to contact them
didnt happen for any of you and it never will
youre not important
get over yourselves

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