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File 156503898668.jpg - (656.39KB , 3375x2250 , pexels-photo-1879288.jpg )
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>> No. 635732
Cuck boi can't handle a pure Aryan beauty wrapping her lips around a meat stick. MAD.
>> No. 635740 >>635742
>LARPing troll
>> No. 635742
File 156537213240.jpg - (232.48KB , 900x1200 , la police recruitments.jpg )
Yo momma is a troll.

File 156093812548.jpg - (84.87KB , 480x640 , lol3.jpg )
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I have this video saved of her tripping over "on purpose" at her graduation like an autistic retard.


I know her name is kelly but can't figure out how to spell her last name. Cashin? Cashing? Keshin? Gonna need a hand here guys.
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>> No. 635721 >>635728
>> No. 635728

Or you could man the fuck up
>> No. 635730
weirdo stalker

File 151478037983.png - (425.96KB , 638x598 , TrophyWife.png )
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June is getting married. Any one of you autistic virgins could've had a chance with her, just like Eyrev and Andrew. But now you'll be forever alone, and if you do manage to get a significant other she won't have half the personality or looks that June is.

Disappointing to say the least, Unichan.
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>> No. 635697 >>635700
File 156504451318.jpg - (10.60KB , 184x184 , a5aca188ab434e4d30d5c57a56486543635d433e_full[1].jpg )
>Yeah well I don't watch porn because I am not a white supremacist incel and I haven't been in a committed relationship so what you are doing is really virgin-shaming me and that's not ok.
>> No. 635700 >>635702
File 156505073651.png - (157.13KB , 687x495 , incels.png )
Oh wow you replied with the racist incel frog meme.
>> No. 635702
File 156505201721.png - (7.65KB , 211x239 , 1525801615518.png )
>Oh my god he made fun of me what do I do what do I do??
>uhhh..... RACIST!!

File 155471050076.jpg - (92.85KB , 1080x756 , Screenshot_20190404-155359~01.jpg )
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I just realized I'm far worse than RC could ever be.
I mean I judge him for his stalking Catie and betraying her, yet at the same time I'm constantly searching for updates on her.
I have these fantasies where we're in love and she feels loved, respected and safe... Only to realize I've never met her, she doesn't know I even exist, and I'm basically in love with a face and personality.
I'd point out how that isn't love but I can't get her out of my head sometimes and just looking at her photos does something to my brain.
It's nothing sexual.
I'm probably her worst fan.
I keep hoping that one day the universe will bring us together even though I understand that is just a common pipe dream that people have.
It's cliche.
But yet this impulse drives me.
The impulse to love her, unconditionally.
Who knew this biological happenstance was this strong.
Yet I can't honestly call it love because we don't know each other.
Nature is a cruel joke sometimes.
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>> No. 635689
RC you should not have sent Ellie Wayne those photos of your penis. That was wrong.
>> No. 635698 >>635699
Stop tainting my holy name or I will be forced to sue you and your entire family.
>> No. 635699
Dude you only moved to Seattle to try and catch a glimpse of me because you are gay for me. It's so obvious.

File 156176673734.png - (649.72KB , 477x594 , i luv her.png )
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Huey do they think they can? My luv is forever and eternal. I will always be waiting for you. The place is that the truth they can see the trolls saying but oh no!! Look at him!! They can and are so obvious without understanding the true message but they are little bitches and what we had was stolen not only from me but from you also, we were complete and as one and now we are broken, two parts lost and wandering that may one day find each other again and the circle is complete. Without them those that were saying secret whispers and threats in the ears attempting to turn you and you were used to lifelong abuse from your Mother so it was normal to you and I understand why you went with the stream as the flow had always been a part of your life and it would have taken too much courage and strength which you didn't possess right then and it's like I have said ok and I forgive you but maybe the truth is you will find yourself and be rebuilt with a different new branch of strength and the trolls will be no more, they can hold no power but the power that we give to them. It's in the realm of the real in the sacred place and I know you feel that way but the attacks are from all directions that you faced but a love can light a fire and burn eternal. The night is up and I can see but we can and we will that's the way that is should be. I was thinking of those times and maybe I can hope that you were too because it was true. The trolls and sock puppets are digging but the ground will not shift, the dirt will not move, the light from above has lightened the way of below and that is the will of it, I can promise you Huey. So much is the truth in it that I can sit here and the course alone of nature and love will unfold before our eyes. It is all destruction without it so and you can play the tune to the Gods but it can't happen until we are as one and I know deep inside you can feel that and one day soon that will awaken in you and you can be free and we can be together again.

Huey, I luv you. That will never change.
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>> No. 635660 >>635662
what? no, i havent gone anywhere. it's 10.30am dude, and thanks to brexit complications, a flight from england to spain used to be reliably cheap but now isn't necessarily... it still looks to be now tbh, but yo the longer i spend living my life at 1000mph, the fewer hours i can maintain that intensity before i fall asleep whether i like it or not. if i focus on getting there i assure you i will one day soon regain consciousness there one way or another.
>> No. 635662
>thanks to brexit complications

Give it a rest. Can you not stop injecting politics into all your posts? Brexit hasn't even happened ffs. You are blaming everything on Brexit like the Germans blamed the Jews. What is wrong with you? Jesus dude.
>> No. 635671
File 156479086936.png - (120.83KB , 417x228 , so sick without you.png )

My sadness is like a sickness without you.

You are the cure. You are my cure.

File 156384310637.jpg - (22.22KB , 400x400 , tom.jpg )
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When is Cecil going to kill himself?
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>> No. 635506 >>635507
Kill yourself, Cecil
>> No. 635507
File 156441801975.png - (736.55KB , 828x573 , dumb slave bitch disciplined.png )
>hurr durrrr

no u!

Eat a turd, you coward.
>> No. 635508
File 156441812644.png - (335.13KB , 687x472 , sukk me bitches.png )
Bitches are mad that I have the same eye color as Hitler. Just like I said, 100% Germanic which is why I earned the ancestral right to wear SS runes on my battle jacket.

File 156271138671.jpg - (45.10KB , 750x837 , D9tmYyGWkAE9U1m.jpg )
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yo all of you people probably made catie go full weirdo and insane lol..this is the weirdest group i've ever seen. nobody who posts on this shit is normal
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>> No. 635357
>i like to call this place the trash pit. where all the dirty rats are, and you people, are dirty inhumane rats
lol. it's more than that. it's an exquisite anomaly. it makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever, yet here it is, unichanTHREE.org. love it. wonder where in christ's name it'll all end.
>> No. 635413 >>635418
Most of this is just Cecil trolling himself.
>> No. 635418
Nah bitch, most of this is yo momma playing the drums with my cawk on her tongue.

File 156375173770.png - (24.71KB , 741x191 , ThisGuy.png )
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They're right you know.
Cecil, Fubar, RC and Caleb, this is clearly about you.
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>> No. 635364 >>635365
Fubar is a mentally ill mess.
He, like Cecil, is a 40 year old pedo that thinks that because he's widely laughed at that it means he's important.
What fucking losers.
>> No. 635365
I am not 40 yet, dweeb. As for the pedo part, well I am afraid I am going to have to claim my right to the 5th amendment on that.
>> No. 635368


File 15638211876.jpg - (116.39KB , 1000x600 , photo-by-Spud-Murphy-COPYRIGHT-Yoko-Ono-3-web-opti.jpg )
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Accept it.

It is the answer to your problems.

Yes, you.
>> No. 635371
fuck. did i post this? how impossibly, unbearably generic. sorry about that.
>> No. 635484
sage because this thread is so gay and because i was clearly blackout-fucked when i posted it... but guys n' girls... while on the subject of lennon, is this the most feelsome tune of all time, bar absolutely fucking nothing x 1000? i for one submit that it is.
>> No. 635490
File 156441047581.jpg - (126.09KB , 719x1080 , ertre.jpg )
even this.

File 155956979134.png - (432.54KB , 388x778 , humiliate me.png )
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humiliate me. taking orders mache alles
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>> No. 635483 >>635491

Damn that's an old pic my dude.
>> No. 635491 >>635578
it's not old. it's we who are old, anon.
>> No. 635578

And she then.

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