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File 155788238687.png - (666.92KB , 1078x601 , beyonce.png )
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While we are all at it we might as well take a look into Catherine's influences to how she came to praise narcissism.

Beyonce is self-centered and not a hero:

Joni Mitchell was basically a cocaine addicted narcissist:

Bo Burham pretends to be ultra "woke" just so that he bully minorities groups and call it a joke:

Mika has admitted that he uses his position to "turn grips into music":

He's generally a fucked up human being and he admits so in many of his interviews.
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>> No. 634723
File 156001515973.png - (502.07KB , 638x403 , saudia arabia or england.png )
Is this Saudi Arabia or England? England of course.

For 10 weeks Muslims have been protesting about their children being taught about same sex relationships.

Is this homophobia, Deano, or is it Islamophobia?

It's funny isn't it, every single place in which this certain group makes up a large percentage tolerance goes out of the window.

Hey, look at me hating though, gosh, I should just shut my mouth for the good of diversity and be a more tolerant lad like you.
>> No. 634724
>Eh? Really activates the almond.
friend, i would respond to you more comprehensively but this made me burst out laughing to the point that i'm near tears.
look sonny, we will have this out, but for now i plead with you... BE SMART. BE TACTICAL. we needn't be so very open.
god bless.
>> No. 634725
ladies and gentlemen i think i may be in trouble. is 21 x 50mg of tramadol too much? i dont feel right. hm hm hm hm

File 155940303176.png - (2.40MB , 1765x790 , 1559004775448.png )
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Looks like the internet bullies finally found some of Micky's real recent photos. She's now deleted her Instagram.

I guess she's going to have to abandon her dream of being a "deer" and go back to trolling Cecil with Caleb.
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>> No. 634707 >>634709 >>634714
File 155990850484.png - (592.16KB , 946x582 , 1559812996313.png )
>> No. 634709

The shooped face looks more ridiculous. That girl has serious mental health issues.
>> No. 634714
File 155995299452.jpg - (37.78KB , 494x500 , bratz.jpg )
total freak

File 153839872316.jpg - (56.02KB , 600x800 , toi kati.jpg )
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guys guys guys! Last week i met a girl who's almost as cute as catie and looks a lot like her, i messenged her today asking if she wanted to see me but she hasn't responded yet, i've only talked to her once and she's so uunnnnnnnghh omg she's so cute, wish me luck!
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>> No. 634572 >>634694
You've made a regular aut rictorum fallacy my dude. Google Heeinvigs philosophy on orchestria equinox. Educate yourself, pleb.
>> No. 634694 >>634695
I don't know who you are, but if you think fallacies are randomly made up then you are retarded.
The fact you're in your 40s and still haven't figured out how search engines work is beyond me.
Just type "what are fallacies" anywhere.
Just anywhere.
Learn something you dolt.
>> No. 634695
>hurr durr you are in your 40s so i win the argument

Wouldn't that be a fallacy, bitch? I'm 40, btw.

Fallacies are made up. Just because some dude said saying something in a certain way is a fallacy and therefore not an argument is bullshit. He is not God. You just stuff carrots up your boicunt over fallacies because you think it makes you sound intellectual.

Nobody in real life or even if you watch government debates starts sperging out and saying fallacy this and fallacy that. It's only ever used online by autistic little retards.

The fact that you can't even understand that means you are some shut in autistic teenager stuck in his room.

File 155535361411.png - (422.93KB , 595x398 , cecil honkler.png )
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Muslims have destroyed Notre Dame showing us what is in the future for us all and you attack me for being hurr durr a wasscist!! National Socialism is the only way.

You are all clowns in this troll den. Hurr durr look guys, I am one of you!

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>> No. 634564 >>634565
File 155946696970.jpg - (316.47KB , 1024x683 , goliath-birdeater.jpg )
please send help. omfg. bank account is empty, there are 3 empty bottles and there's burned tinfoil everywhere. there's a half eaten lollipop on my coffee table and i've no idea whose it is. i've also apparently got a bus ticket, but i've no idea where i went. i haven't taken a bus in 25 years.
woke at 4am to the spiders and the snakes. fucking withdrawal. those familiar cunts never get any easier. is it actually possible to die from anxiety? chugging. as. fuck. omg take me away from this hell.
>> No. 634565
You were on the news. Apparently you sucked off 25 lady boys. Stop drinking.
>> No. 634589
File 155951966086.png - (1.42MB , 788x754 , antifa guy.png )
This antifa goon really looks like Cecil!

File 153682592721.png - (1.69MB , 1680x1050 , wallpaper-1381061.png )
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So, if you were going to kill yourself either at the end of this month or the beginning of next month, how would you do it on a zero budget?

Little mess, no struggle.
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>> No. 634201
Is op still alive?
>> No. 634576 >>634580
We should all be anti-competition lest China take over the world.
>> No. 634580
Competition? More like imitation. Google = Baidu. Facebook = Tencent. Amazon = Alibaba. More to the point, in a free market, the country with the most people eventually wins. Wait till China spends 4x as much on their military than the U.S.

File 15375477796.png - (128.10KB , 743x765 , 9MM.png )
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Anyone here play Nine Men's Morris?
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>> No. 634096
>I'm probably going to make Youtube videos about stuff like this in the future

Cool story, bro.

>You make Youtube videos, right?


>Would you be interested in being in one of the videos? The only condition is that my identity remains private, even if I show my face on video.

Nobody is asking for your full real name and you have to prove you are not just a troll.
>> No. 634097
Che Boxxy is going to be my avatar picture.
>> No. 634578
On second thought, Twitch is the way to go.

File 153653257582.jpg - (49.70KB , 684x720 , 684full-catherine-wayne.jpg )
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Outsider here.
Just some questions.

1.) Why do you think her videos garnered so much attention?

2.) Do you think the fact her fan base is mostly male has something to do with her own gender?

3.) How would you describe her interaction with her fan base?

4.) Why do you think she continued to place herself in the public eye despite the negative attention she received?

5.) What kinds of personalities do you think are drawn to her?

6.) Would you characterize her style as flirtatious?

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>> No. 633200
Politically related Era-centric keywords are dog whistles.



Do you seriously think that avoiding direct phrasing while also directly implying racism can't be figured out?

The language of the alt right is linguistically deductive by using implication language.

Using inverse language tactics of coded language like "being white isn't bad" isn't something people can't figure out.

It's the context that matters. Trying to argue out of context is a tactic only of the dishonest.
>> No. 634192
Who are you op
>> No. 634577
>1.) Why do you think her videos garnered so much attention?
Why did the Greeks fight the Trojans for a decade?

File 155732956037.jpg - (87.27KB , 1080x597 , Screenshot_20190508-103121~01.jpg )
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>> No. 634114 >>634575
all youtubers are narcissists

none of them love anyone

youtubers do not see you as friends you are fans

you are not equal to them because you do not get as much attention as they do
>> No. 634205
Is this supposed to be about June or Catie?
>> No. 634575
What if the Youtuber doesn't show their face?

File 15592509155.jpg - (157.79KB , 650x720 , 1499998474.jpg )
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>> No. 634520 >>634523
can't believe i used to think she was so hot and wished for attention from her.. now she would wish for attention from me.
>> No. 634523
Congrats for realizing that very fact. She was never 'hot' to begin with. She used to be cute, quirky and bubbly but that changed quickly after her return. Now she's in her late 20s and getting old real quick. In ten years, she'll be a mental wreck and looking like her mom.
>> No. 634551
Okay, first of all the vegetarian option isn't just about health, it's also about ethics.

Second, Catie is a looker, but looks can be deceiving.

Take a look at Morena Baccarine.
She cheated on her husband and didn't even show remorse.

Or Betty Paige who was arrested for assault numerous times.

Or that pornstar Carerra who was recent arrested for child rape and molestation and the production of child porn.

Beauty is deceptive.
What's worse is that beautiful people trick themselves and others into believing they're good people.

Do they say the right things and promote causes? Yeah. So do any number of social manipulators and narcissists.
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File 155320484371.jpg - (133.32KB , 756x564 , 3ab.jpg )
633656 No. 633656 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I am officially declaring Unichan dead.

90% of the posts are about trolling Cecil.

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>> No. 634441 >>634442
That doesn't mean you are not plugged into the system of mainstream sheeple.

>hurr durr i knew a girl who lived by a road eating slugs so that will happen to you!

No, I mean real natural survival living in the woods.

Maybe I hate society because I am a product of a sick and twisted society that is in great decline. Maybe society made me who I am. You reap what you sow.

>hurr i feel safe just being a normal average sheep of society

Good for you dude but we don't all want to be mediocre sheep, some of us want to live as free men and to be left alone without sheep obligations.
>> No. 634442 >>634448
is it really so likely that billions are wrong and that you're right?
what would you say to people who would assert that 'growing up' by definition, is to find a way in which your existence can be comfortably integrated with the rest of society? a way of life you're happy with, one which benefits both you and others. something sustainable. being a happy dishwasher would absolutely qualify, but being so endlessly seething, ranting and hating while reluctantly working does not.
is it your intention to retire in a hedge then, and hunt rabbits into your 90's? are you certain it's practical? wouldn't more people have gone 'off grid' if it was possible to live that way on your own? not sure it's possible for many people unless they have the support of a community, one with whom they willingly integrate.
>> No. 634448
File 155913625254.jpg - (1.56MB , 1800x1200 , miss alice.jpg )
>is it really so likely that billions are wrong and that you're right?

Billions of people are illiterate and still believe in goblins, voodoo and fukken curses.

People in the West have been subverted by Marxist doctrine.

Plenty of people would agree with me though, truth seekers have always been called crazy at first. People who embraced science were branded crazy and heretical. It turned out they were the most enlightened and intelligent in society.

>what would you say to people who would assert that 'growing up'

There is no definition for what growing up is, stop making up definitions that are based on your opinion. For the most part it is growing wise which clearly hasn't happened to you. You still are in the teenage phase.

>which benefits both you and others.

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