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File 156134134264.jpg - (36.95KB , 500x500 , knocknock.jpg )
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who is still here?
tiny chat?
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>> No. 635302 >>635306
Why doesn't he save them to give to his future son?
>> No. 635306
Do niggers like weeb shit?

Why do man children even collect plastic toys. It's just junk to... look at? Put it on a shelf? They are so mass produced none of them will have any real value, not even in 50 years time.

Even some 1st issue comic in which a few exist that is almost 100 years old wont have a life changing value and will be in the single digit thousands I guess.

You'd have a better time spending $50 on a hooker then a plastic fukken star wars doll.
>> No. 635308
File 156321737447.png - (369.27KB , 695x390 , good girl.png )
>hurr durr buy these plastic fukken toys!
>they are just junk plastic with no value!!

How funny that jwagzz, a kike himself got kiked by Jewish marketing to sell worthless shit for huge sums of money.

In the past week, this is what I spent my money on that I had saved.

>pic related

Stay mad virgins.

File 156072914315.png - (795.87KB , 589x762 , scammer.png )
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Catie Wayne is so successful with her Disney jobs, she did a few weeks training for a scam company last year and became a personal trainer.

Here is something you never do. Use a personal trainer who hasn't gone through the journey themselves, look out of shape like Catie and have no background in exercise and nutrition.

Catie was later fired by the company for being a poor personal trainer, too lazy, kept taking time off, couldn't get out of bed in the morning.

The company sells dvd's for $100 and does the usual scam of saying they are worth $300.

So, just what is this perfect workout magic that Catie was scamming for?

>The Perfect Workout’s specialized slow-motion strength training
>specialized slow-motion strength training

Gosh, that sounds so fancy!

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>> No. 635348
If you posted this OP pic, then you're a stalker.
It could be Fubar though.
RC isn't that stupid, since he was shaken down at the Airport when he left Cali, which means there's a record of him flying to the US to stalk her.
>> No. 635374 >>635375
Wine can sometimes turn into vinegar. Not sure if the alcohol content decreases when that happens, or if the microbes are eating something else, with acetic acid being the waste product.
>> No. 635375
File 156389840755.png - (9.67KB , 1131x106 , Acetobacter aceti.png )
>Wine can sometimes turn into vinegar. Not sure if the alcohol content decreases when that happens, or if the microbes are eating something else, with acetic acid being the waste product.
Never mind. There are things that eat alcohol. It figures, otherwise the world would be full of alcohol.

File 155625193831.png - (451.08KB , 439x591 , desire lust love obsession.png )
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I remember the labyrinth. Many years have passed since then. The goblin King controls my dreams, possesses my mind, he wishes me to come back to his labyrinth, to once again defeat him. For if I cannot defeat him within 13 hours once again, I have to spend eternity at his side as his Queen...

You are my Queen Huey. Forever.
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>> No. 635210
File 156276005626.jpg - (126.03KB , 663x960 , makes you think.jpg )
OMG this guy is crazy!! He's paranoid!!

Gawd Gayleb you have really gave yourself up too easily using your new trolling technique buy using the exact same argument you did last time. Imagine being that much of a dumb bitch.
>> No. 635251

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>> No. 635261


File 152389129743.jpg - (327.12KB , 1074x1500 , alba_yumi.jpg )
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>> No. 635246
Crissa was always the hardest one to keep up with and watch. Probably the reason she's still so coveted after all these years.
>> No. 635253
I'd rather see the pictures here.
>> No. 635779

File 156243517669.png - (2.41MB , 4864x1277 , Untitled-1.png )
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'A day in the life'.
Send help. I beg of you.
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>> No. 635132 >>635138
nicely said. it's almost cruel to dissect them though, they're so transparent. without their being able to blame *insert minority* they have nothing. i'm not out to make righties suicidal.
>> No. 635136
i can't get drunk enough on cider.
shifting to vodka.
goodnight all. consider me useless form here on.

be nice cecil.
>> No. 635138
File 156260002023.png - (1.09MB , 1111x567 , da royalz.png )
>shit that isn't true

There are plenty of racial differences and markers and how certain medications work on certain races. Not to mention all the data on IQ.

Why do people mention science when you are clearly anti-science in that you think all humans in the world are exactly the same apart from a different shade of skin lol and that we all start with a blank base IQ level.

>but instead out of fear of the unknown and narcissism

There have been plenty of people and some pretty prominent that actually believed the crap you do and went to Africa but with years of experience they actually realized the differences were profound.

Most "racist" people are that way because they have lived in mixed societies while the unknown (this means you in your 99% white town) are always pro-mixing.

Lol you do talk some shit.

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File 155064097310.jpg - (109.95KB , 1024x465 , gradlaw[1].jpg )
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Soooo... when are we gonna have a Seattle meetup?
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>> No. 635048
who tryna go to a firework show and get wasted
>> No. 635050
File 156222110132.jpg - (96.14KB , 620x420 , rawry.jpg )
>> No. 635057
File 15623113104.png - (19.66KB , 80x128 , rare mushroom.png )
40 year old Seattle based submissive man pig and I am in need of someone I can serve for a weekend or up to a week a few times a year. I can always fit a weekend or so in outside of work. Your location or distance will ideally be in or around Seattle, I will pay to get to you. The last master I experienced serving Thurs-Sat. It was the hardest, degrading, expensive and wonderful thing I've ever done in my entire life . I worked fixing and cleaning the inside of his house like a dog and spent the rest of my time rimming his ass, getting my throat pounded by his cawk, being hit, buying him things, serving as his ashtray, and serving as his urinal. He did not piss in a toilet once. I paid $10 each time I drank his piss. It came out to $410. I can now drink from the tap as if it was kool-aid. Giving myself and suffering to make your life better makes me feel alive. At one point I was shaking, weak, had a black eye and was folding laundry, and he called me into the bathroom where he'd sat down to take a big shit and had me get down in front of him and drink his piss while he dropped a massive stinking turd. He told me I could lick his ass clean after if I paid his phone bill and I agreed. It was an amazing feeling to be degraded like that. I covered all food, drinks, supplies for work around the house, new surround sound for him, etc. Therefore I am looking for someone who is a little rough and demanding and likes to really use and degrade. Things like performing work for you and being used financially are very important to me. I'd like to be trained to serve as a full toilet on my next trip too. I am a sub. No versatile men please. I do not want to be kissed or cuddle. I am not picky and further, I enjoy older, hairy, chubby men. I do not smoke.. apart from cawk ;) but make a good ashtray.

File 156204025956.png - (39.24KB , 946x216 , Cecil.png )
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So this chan is basically Cecil talking to himself now?
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>> No. 635047 >>635049
Tinychat is a relic. Nobody even has flash player anymore. Though I agree that tc was basically unichan's nucleus back in the day.
>> No. 635049
websites don't no, but it's still fine for cam chats. ezcapechat uses it too. tinychat is still one of the top cam chat sites.

discord is aimed at gaymers.

on tinychat or ezcape there are a bunch of open random rooms with random people just there to chat.

on discord all the main pages are full of gaming rooms so you'll never get a random person there for chat in a boxxy room, anything sphere related would be an invite only room and takes the fun out of random people joining like on tc.

tc is just simple and works.
>> No. 635051

>Discord responded by closing servers that supported the alt-right and far-right

>Discord's executives condemned "white supremacy" and "neo-Nazism"

>Discord has worked with the Southern Poverty Law Center to identify hateful groups using Discord and ban those groups from the service

>In July 2018, Discord updated its terms of service to ban drawn pornography

>A social media movement subsequently criticized Discord for selectively allowing "cub" content, or underaged pornographic furry artwork

>Discord moderators held that "cub porn" was separate from lolicon and shotacon, being "allowable as long as it is tagged properly.

FUKKEN NOPE. It has kikes written all over it.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 15620444245.png - (436.12KB , 782x515 , yang.png )
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He's got my vote.
>> No. 635031 >>635033
If a candidate offered to give me $10,000 a month for life I'd vote for them. I mean, it's FREE stuff. EZ Clap
>> No. 635033
Yes, because you are a dumb bitch. The cost to pay all that money, some people would quit their jobs for it, masses of people would flock to the country because of it.

The money would run out. The tax rates on a small minority of rich people would rise and rise to keep supporting the system and then they would leave the country once the tax rates reach 90% or so.

The money would run out. Services would collapse, people would be angry and riot. The government would have to introduce a military state to now keep people in line while you begin to starve and have no money.

This is why all socialists are retarded because they are selfish and stupid and only think of their free shit not understanding systems like this do not work and they are using you as a useful idiot voter to get them in power. They won't be starving. They will be sipping champagne still.

If someone has to offer you what basically amounts to money (a bribe) to vote for them, they are probably not a very good person. Your greed and stupidity can't see past this though.

Yay communism. You guys are so fukken dumb beyond reason.

File 156176684959.jpg - (499.69KB , 828x1078 , BF08BADE-C551-468C-B701-C7C5BF4D36FB.jpg )
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>> No. 634981
Yeah bro, you "anti-fascists" who believe in tolerance and charging people with hate crimes are such a great bunch!!


Racist fukken antifa trash.
>> No. 634982 >>634990
He was arrested for murder you illiterate moron.
The hate crime aspect is about recidivism.
>> No. 634990
Antifa have beaten, stolen from and now the guy has a bleed on the brain from a 5'5" Vietnamese homosexual that was recording in public which he has every right to do so.

I guess that's not hate though, if you walk around with your face covered calling yourself an "anti-fascist" then it's fine. If only the actual nazis had called themselves the "good guys" I guess it would be all OK. Just like the "Democratic" North Korea.

Should Antifa get 50 years in jail now for what they have done? You are an autistic little ugly teenager that is probably in Antifa you fukken coward. I would taser you and get a bunch of old men to fukk your boi cunt until it is spilling out, you pathetic vile bitch.


Is your name Maximus Autisms? Fukken pathetic bitch. I would shit down your throat, a real sloppy vegan dookie snake crawling into your mouth and down your throat. Fukk you. Bitch.

File 153839872316.jpg - (56.02KB , 600x800 , toi kati.jpg )
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guys guys guys! Last week i met a girl who's almost as cute as catie and looks a lot like her, i messenged her today asking if she wanted to see me but she hasn't responded yet, i've only talked to her once and she's so uunnnnnnnghh omg she's so cute, wish me luck!
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>> No. 634694 >>634695
I don't know who you are, but if you think fallacies are randomly made up then you are retarded.
The fact you're in your 40s and still haven't figured out how search engines work is beyond me.
Just type "what are fallacies" anywhere.
Just anywhere.
Learn something you dolt.
>> No. 634695 >>634972
>hurr durr you are in your 40s so i win the argument

Wouldn't that be a fallacy, bitch? I'm 40, btw.

Fallacies are made up. Just because some dude said saying something in a certain way is a fallacy and therefore not an argument is bullshit. He is not God. You just stuff carrots up your boicunt over fallacies because you think it makes you sound intellectual.

Nobody in real life or even if you watch government debates starts sperging out and saying fallacy this and fallacy that. It's only ever used online by autistic little retards.

The fact that you can't even understand that means you are some shut in autistic teenager stuck in his room.
>> No. 634972
Gods don't exist and fallacies are about logic.
They're is a difference between formal logic and personal logic.
Logic is based on principles.
You're an uneducated fool.

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