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File 150807390235.jpg - (254.04KB , 1050x1400 , image43.jpg )
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My Ex girlfriend wants to be camwhore. Rate her?:)
>> No. 627777
that's an awfully hot covfefe pot

File 150088078041.jpg - (0.96MB , 1545x1077 , Moi! ^_^ (my head is FINE_ ASSHOLE).jpg )
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ANYWAY. Here's a recording I was talking about in that other topic some time back. When I said I was listening to too much Eliott


Should I finish these songs for us, uni, my love???
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>> No. 627754
about one more year's worth of sleep should do
>> No. 627755
+ a spa. i could really use some spa time rn
>> No. 627756

File 150761704021.jpg - (48.70KB , 960x675 , fbi1.jpg )
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How surprising...
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>> No. 627711
File 15078229601.png - (304.85KB , 626x350 , astute observation.png )
Suna! OM MY GOD. It's anus spelt backwards.
>> No. 627715

>> No. 627748

>female nigger caught stealing
>attacks clerk and trashes store
>cop turns up
>attacks cop
>niggers out side shouting black lives matter

How can anyone fucking stand to be around niggers?

File 15079342778.jpg - (95.79KB , 566x321 , 1507932805314.jpg )
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I always knew he was just a fat bag of air.

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>> No. 627733 >>627735
Give a summary you fucking 'tard.

In short just because some people don't call out X it doesn't mean Y isn't true.
>> No. 627735 >>627736
Former infowars people who left or got fired over the trump shit trashing alex. Also Alex is a Jew shill. Same old shit
>> No. 627736
I thought it was the rebel media in which everyone left. Tommy Robinson is the top man there now though and fucking awesome.

File 149327485810.jpg - (76.29KB , 640x480 , IMG_0267.jpg )
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Sphere edition. Go go go!
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>> No. 627709 >>627722
Diamond in a junkyard.
>> No. 627721
Humans have not been natural for centuries. Regardless, I don't see why beauty wouldn't prefer beauty. Why choose a beast?
>> No. 627722
Putting it lightly.

File 150782521899.jpg - (245.63KB , 1050x1400 , image32.jpg )
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Broke up with my girlfriend after 2 years relationship. The next day she sent me this photo. Help to prank her. Tell your friends. It seems this whore need "fans":)
>> No. 627714

Are you lost?
>> No. 627718
See this? This is spam. The spam bot searches for active boards to post this on. It proves Uni has a daily visitor count of over 50 unique users.

File 150262638197.png - (812.19KB , 847x470 , fuck the anti-whites.png )
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Sieg Heil! bitches.

Let Judgment Day Come.

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>> No. 627662 >>627663
File 150750034420.png - (51.04KB , 676x343 , foot burn.png )
Hurr durr your foot looks like a cawk!

Naw, you are just gay bro.
>> No. 627663
Oh right so it is a foot, now I see it. Still you shouldn't be wearing fucking crocs on your job and wear real safety footwear.
>> No. 627691
"Those who march with us will certainly face abuse, misunderstanding, bitter animosity, and possibly the ferocity of struggle and of danger. In return, we can only offer to them the deep belief that they are fighting that a great land may live."


File 150699676630.png - (297.59KB , 531x288 , sezul.png )
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Did Cecil buy a wig, grow out his pitiful facial hair and then take a one-way trip to Vegas?
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>> No. 627618
OP here.
I triggered Cecil into an anal smoldering by creating this thread.
Stay psyoped. We're all Caleb.
>> No. 627621
WTF happened to Cecil?

A few years ago he was a weed smoking hippy wearing tie dye shirts and could be relatively normal and talk to you.

Now he's a full blown angry bitter guy who wears militarily gear all the time and is the "swallowed too many red pills at once" guy.

You can't even talk to him at this point. Come back old, Cecil.
>> No. 627657
How this FBI strategy is actually creating US-based terrorists


File 150723680999.jpg - (32.19KB , 469x428 , trollface.jpg )
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Why are you niggas so boring? Same stupid obvious bait and shills all the fuckin time. Get a fuckin life already. Don't you understand that if you haven't gotten me to do what you want by now that it's just not gonna happen? I guess some of you do legit have a learning disability and project your own stupidity on to other people.

Me on the other hand I actually learn, grow and change. People just don't get that though. They think that thing's that "worked on me" 5 years ago still work on me today. I'm sorry you are trapped in your autistic retardation, but I'm not. How many people leaving and saying "Cecil's smarter than you think he is." is it going to take? It's cool though right you will just blackmail people into doing your dirty work for you right?

All for what? So I can just laugh at your registered domestic terrorist ass and just keep on pluggin' on? You're a joke. I've moved on and you sit here begging for my attention. I never showed you my true power level until it was to late. By then you had already wasted so much of your time that all you could ever hope for was to catch up. You'll never get the upper hand because I always was a superior opponent. Still am.

I'm done with you though. I'm done with crawling through the degeneracy just to sock some whelp in the mouth over something they should have never said. It's boring now. Fuck you, fuck this place, fuck everybody here.

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>> No. 627649
>this is nig on xanax

He's a little tweaker head like Caleb.

>> No. 627650
Fauxy can give me head whenever she wants.
>> No. 627652
File 150748099361.png - (620.32KB , 594x403 , lauren southern.png )
Gawd I wish that was me. I bet she could rival Huey for sucking cawk for 3 hours.

File 15038485159.png - (113.57KB , 332x251 , does my cawk look big in this.png )
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Anthony Devron aka Cecil Drake is the biggest troll in the sphere. He has constantly harassed me, stalked me and told many lies about me. He is paranoid, delusional and suffers from poor mental health. He makes up stories that I am always posting here and following him. They are all lies and the product of his unhealthy and insane imagination.

He has stalked and harassed all the girls here. He has creeped them all out. Always pestering them for sex or making sexual comments towards them. Even to the young teenage girls. He even masturbated to a 13 year old and blamed me and told her he was "counter-trolling" by doing that. One of the girls, who goes by the name Huey, he managed to manipulate convince her to meet him, he then got her very drunk and had sex with her while at the same time telling everyone she was now his girlfriend and he was in a relationship with her. He told her all her family and friends were treating her badly so he could alienate her from everyone and completely control her. He used mental abuse to achieve this.

When she was sober and away from the drugs he was feeding her, she didn't want anything to do with him. Being a deranged and violent stalker he could not handle this and proceeded to stalk her. He had already been found guilty of stalking a female teacher when he was only 15. Huey now had to call the cops because of his stalking and he was told he could not be in contact with her or he would end up in jail.

He has continued his stalking and was recently arrested for heavy alcohol and drug abuse which led to him threatening people with a machete.

Do not trust this man. I trolled for a few months when I was a young teenager and have grown up now. Cecil will not leave me alone and people keep telling me to come back here because he is posting about me.

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>> No. 627202 >>627204
File 150480314956.png - (828.29KB , 752x869 , casual old man.png )
Cecil paid a visit to /fa/
>> No. 627204
File 150483431126.png - (139.19KB , 286x224 , cesss.png )
>> No. 627646

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