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File 150732029187.jpg - (274.82KB , 1152x2048 , 495B9828-05D6-4353-B109-CD423B4DED19.jpg )
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Look it’s Hill
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>> No. 627616

this blows my fucking mind.
>> No. 627617
Which one is Hill? Sorry for being so faceblind.
>> No. 627625
Whoa baby I'm finking about yewr axe wound, whoa baby I'm finking about yewr gash!

File 149818373274.jpg - (1.12MB , 1536x2048 , IMG_0166.jpg )
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Patience j sexy thread.
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>> No. 627286
File 150535797864.jpg - (43.65KB , 594x600 , IMG-20170905-WA0006.jpg )
Fuck this pig
Post June pls
>> No. 627287
I call bullshit, reveal yourself.
>> No. 627581
File 150710814692.jpg - (195.99KB , 1125x1849 , IMG_0712.jpg )

File 150699500323.png - (941.55KB , 1024x784 , mythcon.png )
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So, is nobody going to talk about this?
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>> No. 627572
The Junesavers are really doing a terrible job. Someone should help her.
>> No. 627576
They honestly make unichan look like super models.
>> No. 627577
File 150708266598.gif - (2.94MB , 500x281 , candy.gif )
I knew I had seen Skeptics outfit before...

File 150241571993.png - (292.86KB , 623x470 , kathysuckmycockwearingaburqa.png )
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I decided to finally take a look at that chan Kathy posts on and of course, the first thing I see is a bunch of ugly WGTOW feminists who talk exactly like her

>tbh this is what makes movements like WGTOW necessary and sad at the fact that they are necessary.
>Men cannot comprehend the fact that women a) sometimes do not want to be around them and b) do not actually need them.


Feminism is not merely the scourge of Western society but continues to develop into something far more insidious and revolutionary at an alarming pace. Kathy epitomizes the movement to its core: fat, ugly, unloved, starving for attention and uniqueness, reduced to fist-spelunking her gaping cunt for a meager living that she immediately blows on weed. This is the future of the next generation of American women, folks.
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>> No. 627550
>dream guy
>military academy

>> No. 627552 >>627553
File 150698736185.png - (451.29KB , 663x581 , commies.png )
>found Antifa literature in his hotel room


Another fucking loser hero of Kathy. Kathy is a terrorist piece of shit.
>> No. 627553
Dude not surprised at all.

The concert was full of white traditional Americans. It's everything anti-white racists and hate fueled people like Kathy despise.

This is why I'm prepared in Seattle and an urban survivalist. The left wing is in bed with Islam and they only seek to cause mindless destruction and hate.

From the ashes a National Socialist movement will arise and restore glory and order.

File 150682907583.png - (198.46KB , 1834x1366 , 1506713891638.png )
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Looks Familiar non thumbnail edition
>> No. 627540
thurs something genius that goes where this post is

File 150666690364.jpg - (16.61KB , 689x689 , FB_IMG_1506666935829.jpg )
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What level of dissasociation are you on, bruh?
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>> No. 627497 >>627498
Shut. The. FUCK. UP.
>> No. 627498
>> No. 627526

File 149918452881.png - (7.57KB , 1200x632 , America Fuck Yeah.png )
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Happy 4th of July friends


what are you doing to celebrate?
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>> No. 627522
Bump for idiocracy.
>> No. 627523
You fascists are well built for that movie, idiots. I ought to direct you numbskulls a commercial with a bald eagle.

If Lord Himmler taught us anything, it's that Humans are easily impressionable.
>> No. 627524
~The eco

File 150627932126.png - (1.41MB , 1184x666 , smiling at fauxy.png )
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I miss Fauxy. I hope she's happy. If you ever need a friend sweethart, I'll always be here.

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>> No. 627431
>jews adopted her

really makes you think.
>> No. 627433 >>627452
She was molested?
>> No. 627452
Huey and Fauxy were both molested as children. They were both adopted by Jews. You add that up.

File 149946493012.png - (205.20KB , 654x445 , Catie.png )
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>> No. 627385 >>627388
You mean the same idiot that denies climate change and keeps getting busted for racist be?
Oh, please, tell me moar.
>> No. 627388 >>627410
shut up you fuckin' nigger.
>> No. 627410
Why? Did somebody terk yer jerb?

File 150522930233.png - (584.51KB , 706x473 , war master.png )
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Very awesome war jacket, Cessy!

I notice you have a bad religion patch, I think being pro-Christian is the bulwark we need against Islam though.

Combining National Socialism and Black Metal is pretty epic. Those are some great bands you are listening to.

You are aware Thulean Perspective is Varg Vikernes of Burzum fame, right? I know it sounds obvious but you didn't appear to mention that.

I recommend you watch Paul Joseph Watson on youtube.

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>> No. 627400 >>627401
File 150626885621.jpg - (63.75KB , 567x601 , B358B667-33C3-4E80-A531-9754AAFE4C7F.jpg )
Wtf June
>> No. 627401
Faker than a plastic dick, nigga.
>> No. 627407
>She is 1 of the very few women that could actually get me over Huey.

Uuuhh hu hu, I take that back. I don't think anything could ever get me over Huey. Damn.

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