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File 154766215957.png - (63.87KB , 776x547 , derp.png )
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Well, isn't that interesting.
Let's see if this stays.
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>> No. 633179
not even samefagging you retard
>> No. 633223
you call everyone a newfag
>> No. 634212
If lurkers don't exist then why the term?

File 15381158054.png - (30.47KB , 256x256 , meatwad.png )
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someone post june bikini pics
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>> No. 632557 >>632559
File 154112297835.jpg - (254.96KB , 493x670 , shoe.jpg )
>> No. 632559
File 154112358524.jpg - (299.69KB , 625x415 , deaugh.jpg )
>> No. 634209
What loser runs this site?

File 154584356618.jpg - (2.17MB , 3814x2455 , HPV.jpg )
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and what an amazing life it is to be allowed to play banjo, dear goblins

cheers for the new year;
because it's all down hill from here, ya' know
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>> No. 632895
It’s like me and my elder sister. As are only kids of our parents, and we lost dad at very early age. Our mom fucking her younger colleague everyday. We both watch her sex and we enjoy the same in bed everyday. She knows that we are watching and having sex like her. She accepted our relationship on a condition that she too need sex with me. We have two kids with mom and expecting a baby with sister. Enjoying my both women.
>> No. 632896 >>634208
im warning. u

no. copypastas allowed in my thread; consider this a warning.

Don't. Let. It. Happen. Again.
>> No. 634208
And who the fuck are you?
You're not posting with a name.
And no surprise fubar is sick.

File 153552783019.png - (104.21KB , 309x369 , John.png )
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June conducts a sociological experiment by living as a man for one day.

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>> No. 633353
Andrew has probably seen that video.
>> No. 633845
it wasn't a sociological experiment
sociological experiments require controls
>> No. 634207
Why do people think June is a reliable source for anything?

File 155471050076.jpg - (92.85KB , 1080x756 , Screenshot_20190404-155359~01.jpg )
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I just realized I'm far worse than RC could ever be.
I mean I judge him for his stalking Catie and betraying her, yet at the same time I'm constantly searching for updates on her.
I have these fantasies where we're in love and she feels loved, respected and safe... Only to realize I've never met her, she doesn't know I even exist, and I'm basically in love with a face and personality.
I'd point out how that isn't love but I can't get her out of my head sometimes and just looking at her photos does something to my brain.
It's nothing sexual.
I'm probably her worst fan.
I keep hoping that one day the universe will bring us together even though I understand that is just a common pipe dream that people have.
It's cliche.
But yet this impulse drives me.
The impulse to love her, unconditionally.
Who knew this biological happenstance was this strong.
Yet I can't honestly call it love because we don't know each other.
Nature is a cruel joke sometimes.
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>> No. 634018
> But yet this impulse drives me.
> The impulse to love her, unconditionally.


I see what you did there
>> No. 634116
i hope the owner of the board exposes your ip address so you can be humiliated and learn from this experience

honestly if the board owner is smart enough they can add screen size detection and get around proxies and other masking bullshit in order to keep an eye on who is who

you are all a bunch of weirdos especially op
>> No. 634204
Catie will never marry a fan, bro.

File 154766318736.jpg - (174.97KB , 725x960 , 1353276996086.jpg )
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Hey, what was the screen names of the two namefags from sweden that stalked Catie?

One was a rich jagoff that convinced his parents to enroll him at her school (misleading them).

The other was the one that stalked her at a theme or amusement park and lisa (boxmom) called the cops on him and had him deported.

Also, forby, I noticed you were the idiot trying to edit the old wikispaces back in the day, trying to shoehorn yourself into sphere history even though you're a complete nobody.
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>> No. 634162 >>634167
One of the "hackers" from the CBCR.
>> No. 634167
Oh, that dude. Totally forgot about him.
>> No. 634203
Why does Catie have so many German fans?

File 153859460555.jpg - (22.18KB , 448x620 , L.jpg )
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Cecil: So what was with that girl last night?

Caleb: Which one?

Cecil: One you were with last night?

Caleb: June.

Cecil: One you said looks like boxxy.

Caleb: Oh shes exactly like her man. shes italian and 4 foot six, but people ask her if shes boxxy like all the time.

Cecil: so what was boxxy dwarf like you give it to her?

Caleb: Oh she got it, she got it good, I gave it to her so hard. I POUNDED HER MAN, POUNDED HER. I Pounded her for like nearly a minute
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 632529
File 154048552658.jpg - (322.32KB , 641x1080 , A06-06SpinasGTV11_B1080_v1.jpg )
This thread is epic
>> No. 634184 >>634202
Whatever happened to Caleb
>> No. 634202
He worked as a Disney janitor until Disneyfound out he made a bomb threat in high school

File 15481094918.png - (54.08KB , 472x123 , Capture.png )
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>> No. 633374
I've made programs for epistemic analysis (propositional calculus), meta-analysis, medical differentials, practical game theory and doxastic analysis.

> amino acids, finance, or chess?

What are you, in high school or a freshman in a community college? lol
>> No. 634186
He left out most of the drama
>> No. 634200
You sound like you have low self esteem

File 153639415131.png - (360.76KB , 353x450 , g0at1.png )
632156 No. 632156 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
"I'm a world class athlete."
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>> No. 633843
thats not g0at
thats someone that also has "g0at" in their username that you found on instagram
>> No. 634191
Is that actually g0at
>> No. 634198
That's some random that used a similar username

File 154704173597.png - (907.00KB , 1375x963 , stalker.png )
632962 No. 632962 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Dude, stop stalking her.

I'm now contacting the Seattle Police.

She has a restraining order on you already.
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>> No. 633246 >>633261
>You do realize that the alt right isn't normal, right?

Spoken like a true commie ideologue who is here to educate people on what is and what isn't acceptable.

Fuck off.
>> No. 633261
So if someone isn't an alt right fanatic, then they only other option is to be a commie.

Spoken like a true delusional fanatic.

And statistically, the alt right isn't normal.
It's also not supported by academia either.
>> No. 634187
Cecil is still stalking I see

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