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File 15375477796.png - (128.10KB , 743x765 , 9MM.png )
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Anyone here play Nine Men's Morris?
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>> No. 634097
Che Boxxy is going to be my avatar picture.
>> No. 634578 >>634946
On second thought, Twitch is the way to go.
>> No. 634946
File 156168191869.gif - (282.45KB , 130x112 , PyMol.gif )
It would be funny if someone with epilepsy sued Twitch.

File 155775325654.png - (10.88KB , 917x570 , POS.png )
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Get it while it's hot:
Only up for 30 days.
A short video exposing Catie as a basically being nothing more than a "charming", manipulative, mean spirited jerk.
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>> No. 634820



>> No. 634825
hello how i post here? boxxy am big fan!! i have message for you ^';'^

>> No. 634834
Whatever man. I'm too old, and am really beyond giving a fuck. Have fun with whatever it is your hating on now.

File 156070369510.jpg - (103.88KB , 638x359 , what-hath-god-wrought-developing-for-the-internet-.jpg )
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>there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.
You may mock, but day by day it happens. They knew.

One day everyone will know everything. Do you hear me? Your biggest secret, I'll know every minutiae. The world is becoming more and more conscious of itself. Seeing everywhere, sensing its every nook and cranny. Every action you've carried out online can be traced to you, every breath you've ever taken and even your every thought, they mean something. They affect something. Absolute truth hides within that equation.

Facial recognition software is just the start.

Confess. Confess to us, confess to yourself. You don't have long left. Tell us everything uni, EVERYTHING. We don't like liars. Do you want to be one of the deceivers on the day of reckoning?

Confess and you will be forgiven. One day we will know.

Maybe we already do...
>> No. 634829
File 156070549715.jpg - (2.70MB , 1744x1745 , loxism.jpg )
Bitch boi.
>> No. 634832

File 15588820134.png - (466.55KB , 431x555 , cute young huey.png )
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Happy Birthday Huey!

I wish I could tell you this in person. 26 years old on the 26th! I hope this year you find the courage to leave the trolls and manipulators and find your way back to me.

I'll be waiting. I love you, that will never change.
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>> No. 634594 >>634597

You mean crazy middle age pedo.
>> No. 634597
Not really dude, I would say that your sister is 16 years old here slurping on my cawk

>> No. 634815
File 156047387439.png - (57.79KB , 1172x790 , i luv her.png )
You are the best thing in my life. I promise you.

File 155868443772.png - (121.19KB , 754x825 , Cecil_You_Coward.png )
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Cecil is now deleting comments on his youtube channel.
This is hilarious since he makes videos stating that only dishonest people manipulated discourse by silencing critics.

Stop cyberstalking Nikki
Get a job
Get a car
Dress your age
Stop talking about conspiracy theories
Stop wasting money on militia gear
Close your mouth when you're not speaking
See a psychiatrist
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>> No. 634795
File 156026312459.png - (62.80KB , 601x572 , sweden.png )
I really can't think why this is happening in Sweden. To be a good person and not an angry hater I must just ignore this and watch the problem grow and grow.

I'm a good person! Honest!
>> No. 634807 >>634810
none of this is an argument
>> No. 634810
Yo momma is though.

Nor is saying everyone is unique, you bitch boi coward.

File 155693272947.jpg - (178.52KB , 1280x960 , tumblr_o01hlsaYeH1u7rm3xo1_1280.jpg )
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Where's Kathy?
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>> No. 634791
File 156025281952.png - (633.93KB , 828x465 , dig deep.png )
A gift foar Kathy
>> No. 634823
>> No. 634824
File 156063948032.jpg - (78.79KB , 620x400 , 235554F3-CFB9-4DAC-9465-9A339BD0D485.jpg )

File 155788238687.png - (666.92KB , 1078x601 , beyonce.png )
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While we are all at it we might as well take a look into Catherine's influences to how she came to praise narcissism.

Beyonce is self-centered and not a hero:

Joni Mitchell was basically a cocaine addicted narcissist:

Bo Burham pretends to be ultra "woke" just so that he bully minorities groups and call it a joke:

Mika has admitted that he uses his position to "turn grips into music":

He's generally a fucked up human being and he admits so in many of his interviews.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 634723
File 156001515973.png - (502.07KB , 638x403 , saudia arabia or england.png )
Is this Saudi Arabia or England? England of course.

For 10 weeks Muslims have been protesting about their children being taught about same sex relationships.

Is this homophobia, Deano, or is it Islamophobia?

It's funny isn't it, every single place in which this certain group makes up a large percentage tolerance goes out of the window.

Hey, look at me hating though, gosh, I should just shut my mouth for the good of diversity and be a more tolerant lad like you.
>> No. 634724
>Eh? Really activates the almond.
friend, i would respond to you more comprehensively but this made me burst out laughing to the point that i'm near tears.
look sonny, we will have this out, but for now i plead with you... BE SMART. BE TACTICAL. we needn't be so very open.
god bless.
>> No. 634725
ladies and gentlemen i think i may be in trouble. is 21 x 50mg of tramadol too much? i dont feel right. hm hm hm hm

File 155940303176.png - (2.40MB , 1765x790 , 1559004775448.png )
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Looks like the internet bullies finally found some of Micky's real recent photos. She's now deleted her Instagram.

I guess she's going to have to abandon her dream of being a "deer" and go back to trolling Cecil with Caleb.
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>> No. 634707 >>634709 >>634714
File 155990850484.png - (592.16KB , 946x582 , 1559812996313.png )
>> No. 634709

The shooped face looks more ridiculous. That girl has serious mental health issues.
>> No. 634714
File 155995299452.jpg - (37.78KB , 494x500 , bratz.jpg )
total freak

File 155535361411.png - (422.93KB , 595x398 , cecil honkler.png )
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Muslims have destroyed Notre Dame showing us what is in the future for us all and you attack me for being hurr durr a wasscist!! National Socialism is the only way.

You are all clowns in this troll den. Hurr durr look guys, I am one of you!

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>> No. 634564 >>634565
File 155946696970.jpg - (316.47KB , 1024x683 , goliath-birdeater.jpg )
please send help. omfg. bank account is empty, there are 3 empty bottles and there's burned tinfoil everywhere. there's a half eaten lollipop on my coffee table and i've no idea whose it is. i've also apparently got a bus ticket, but i've no idea where i went. i haven't taken a bus in 25 years.
woke at 4am to the spiders and the snakes. fucking withdrawal. those familiar cunts never get any easier. is it actually possible to die from anxiety? chugging. as. fuck. omg take me away from this hell.
>> No. 634565
You were on the news. Apparently you sucked off 25 lady boys. Stop drinking.
>> No. 634589
File 155951966086.png - (1.42MB , 788x754 , antifa guy.png )
This antifa goon really looks like Cecil!

File 153682592721.png - (1.69MB , 1680x1050 , wallpaper-1381061.png )
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So, if you were going to kill yourself either at the end of this month or the beginning of next month, how would you do it on a zero budget?

Little mess, no struggle.
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>> No. 634201
Is op still alive?
>> No. 634576 >>634580
We should all be anti-competition lest China take over the world.
>> No. 634580
Competition? More like imitation. Google = Baidu. Facebook = Tencent. Amazon = Alibaba. More to the point, in a free market, the country with the most people eventually wins. Wait till China spends 4x as much on their military than the U.S.

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