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File 150489332316.png - (395.31KB , 1166x700 , war face bitches.png )
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I have studied philosophy and survival for the upcoming war. The trolls have learned nothing apart from obvious trolling techniques. They will cower in mommys basement when it begins.

All the rich little entitles brats will be the first to go. You all lose. I win.

Suck it up bitches and stay mad!

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>> No. 627392 >>627397
Why is Nigs momma like KFC?

Because she has a greasy box.

Lol mad.
>> No. 627397
>> No. 627402
File 150627009599.png - (330.37KB , 468x438 , bad girl.png )
This is a $20 hooker dude. She's a crack head, I can see the pin marks. You just have to spit on your cawk before fucking her as the saliva creates a protective barrier around your cawk.

File 150143112946.png - (102.12KB , 429x306 , Catie.png )
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In light of Catie's farewell video series, I'll be rewatching Catie's videos in order and typing a short synopsis of them .
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>> No. 626781
File 150214694362.png - (173.73KB , 514x318 , svetlana.png )

Svetlana shares home video of her cats Buster Lulu and Crystal. She gos on to explain that a few days after filming her cats, Lulu passed away. She tearfully recounts the incident.

Catie yelling at her cats in a Russian accent. Does it get any better this ? Nyet. 6/10
>> No. 626794
File 150223608424.png - (130.46KB , 433x306 , diebitch.png )

Catie reveals her new haircut which is half short and half long (her transformation begins). She then recounts a fight she got into with another girl from her middle school, while in the washroom. She and the other girl tussle over who was going to marry a fictional character named Maroku from the anime Inuyasha. Catie is stabbed in the arm with a pencil.

Catie gos into detail about how obsessed she was with this character from her favorite manga. When she acts out the part of the other girl with tape on her nose, it pushes her narrative past the absurd and into the sublime. 7/10
>> No. 627386
These aren't Analysis.
You aren't being impartial.
You just believe what she says.
That's actually the opposite of Analysis.

File 149664101012.png - (473.25KB , 944x531 , 6-4-2017 10-35-41 PM.png )
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What do you guys think of Catie's new video and how would you rate her cuteness on a scale of 9 to 10?

Newfags who migrated here to shitpost about random sluts like Peter need not apply to this thread.
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>> No. 625402
>racism is ok as long as i don't like the person you voted for

>> No. 625406 >>627384
File 149908493137.png - (87.84KB , 877x400 , antifa.png )
New Jersey Homeland Security Officially Lists Antifa as a Terrorist Organization!!


EAT SHIT, Catie!
>> No. 627384
Google "Argument from Authority" and then discipline yourself please.
There are lists to check before you shoot your mouth off.... Or fingers in this case.

File 150537721555.jpg - (227.25KB , 1280x960 , wallhaven-181418.jpg )
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It's she ever going to come back?
CW I mean.
I don't know her but I miss her.
I didn't know such a thing was possible.
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>> No. 627363
File 150598981528.jpg - (32.52KB , 400x388 , 132681748543.jpg )
>> No. 627373 >>627382
this thread smells like desperation.
>> No. 627382
File 150616496565.jpg - (26.60KB , 298x400 , 4f8d0803ac6d9062e0071c9a8a928688.jpg )
I'm desperate for the feels and CW Iris able to trigger those feel with her stories and performances.
I'm not going to lie about that.

File 150537124410.gif - (606.57KB , 800x792 , 0h8f3lF.gif )
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cecil is a skinhead now?
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>> No. 627345 >>627374
My cum bounced out of yo mommas ass. Hurr durr be afwaids, be vewy afwaids!! The big bad antifa is gonna gets yew!! Coward bitch, I fear no mortal. Anyone wants to fuck with me they will find themselves tazered, tied up and will have a hot steaming vegan turd pushed dropped into their mouths.
>> No. 627374 >>627375
you would look pretty funny with that taser sticking out of your ass.

>turd pushed dropped
my guess is DROPPED, from your LOOSE ASSHOLE, that has never RECOVERED from FOREIGN OBJECTS! cecil my guy, you have to stretch, or it causes permanent damage.

heh well no, ONLY MORONS EXPOSE THEMSELVES ON THE INTERNET. look what you made me do, i don't like using caps, you made me do that. to watch your videos, i would actually have to stand the sound of your stupid fucking face for longer than a second. "yah well you know like uh dude and man huhuhuhu". maybe script your shit, maybe write it down. i can't be alone in not wanting to see your worthless face. make a medium account or something.

i'll check in once in awhile. i'm glad you are developing yourself, but it will end up with you getting stabbed by other skinheads.
>> No. 627375
Dude, I need you to do something for me.

Thank yo momma for last night. My balls are drier than a desert now. She fully emptied me.

You are a weak faceless bitch.

File 150591408065.jpg - (12.93KB , 250x186 , 1505586954503s.jpg )
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Seems familiar.
>> No. 627367
Try making it even smaller next time
>> No. 627369
What the HELL is THIS?! A .jpg for ANTS?!!?

File 149540306313.jpg - (14.65KB , 301x223 , hurrdurr.jpg )
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You want to help me?


go here https://www.instagram.com/psychedelicplunge/

Tell her my situation. Don't lie. I now for some of you that's impossible. Tell her I could use her help. Also tell her I'd like to buy some more of her Art. Her 25th B day is in 5 days.

It's been like 3 years if she hasn't gotten over what happened between us she needs more help than I do.

All fabricated "screencaps" of her supposed responses where she talks shit calls me creepy, a stalker etc etc are just going to be ignored. Tell her to call me she can get the number from Chode.

That is all.
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>> No. 625405
My cawk slaps yo mommas pussy lips.

>hurr i think i can shame him for burping and farting

Vegan life, dude. Get used to it. I can shit brown water.

>and furthermore I personally have 0 subs right now because I'm not a lonely loser desperate for attention.

Nice excuse. You mean you are a weak coward hiding as an anon troll and don't have a personalty to make videos?

>I'm not a lonely loser desperate for attention

Yet here you are, begging for attention from me when I never forced you to watch my videos. Lol you are so obvious.
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>> No. 627251 >>627273
>> No. 627273
File 15052843419.jpg - (57.63KB , 610x442 , reitsch8jh4-1-w640h480.jpg )
That is a pretty cool video. I like it.

Look up this woman: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanna_Reitsch

File 149835337228.jpg - (110.01KB , 1080x1080 , tumblr_oj6ebdDnj21uevp07o1_1280.jpg )
624951 No. 624951 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

is cecil a good drummer?

also how does he transport his drumset into a building's staircase and be allowed to live there and play his instrument? something isnt adding up here.
>> No. 624952 >>625070 >>627266
Cecil is in 11/10 denial. Women don't hate him because he doesn't know how to play psychological games, they hate him because he's an ugly, midget pedophile with a shitty personality who lives in a storage shed or something.
>> No. 625070
Somebody is MAD
>> No. 627266

lol 100% the truth.

File 150101987664.jpg - (62.89KB , 595x465 , HueyGuitar.jpg )
626354 No. 626354 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Look at those hard chiseled facial features. Nimble little fingers plucking the strings. Perfectly fit physique.

She's an Angel. An Angel with dirty wings. For her I'd do anything.

I Love you Niki.
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>> No. 627171 >>627174
File 150454763311.gif - (155.28KB , 511x215 , gross old pedo.gif )
>> No. 627174
this is the most disgusting and vile gif i have ever seen.
>> No. 627254
File 150516596772.jpg - (48.62KB , 651x487 , pray.jpg )

File 150248932679.jpg - (131.35KB , 692x389 , ticketstoslayer.jpg )
626816 No. 626816 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Guess who has tickets to Slayer.

Guess who that other ticket should be for.

oh well.
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>> No. 626941
Nice! Have fun! I'm so envious.
>> No. 627031
>So she has to act like a totally different person than she was when you first met her? Uh, so that wouldn't be Huey as you knew her then.

>> No. 627252

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