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File 154863448440.jpg - (60.77KB , 900x900 , faded.jpg )
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lmao you guys still here? any oldfags around? I was active many years ago when Caty was MIA. Left the scene when she made her return videos.

Did anything crazy happen? Which oldfags are still around?
>> No. 633313
her name is catie. not caty. not katie. not katy.
but catie.

File 154855287830.jpg - (6.58KB , 225x225 , pic.jpg )
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Brittany Venti exposing June for being a sociopath and a liar.

Part 1:

Part 2:

- Brags about bullying
- Offers fake apologies
- Goes back to bullying
- Laughs about her bullying
- Promotes pedophilia
- Admits to being a pathological liar
- etc
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>> No. 633287
bumping for exposure
>> No. 633289 >>633294
This is old as fuck and nobody cares about June anymore.

Also show the video of Brittany's disgusting apartment. She lives like a cave troll, so she's not much better than June.
>> No. 633294
Oh hai june

File 154275969431.png - (362.79KB , 456x608 , junemom.png )
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June's mom > June
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>> No. 633285 >>633291
Her mom's name is Katheryn.
Dad's name is Michael or "Mike".
>> No. 633290
File 154858106758.png - (1.10MB , 1177x775 , j00n.png )
Ill just leave this here
>> No. 633291
Bravo champ your a real true internet spy man now

File 153530534457.png - (190.65KB , 1475x935 , Capture.png )
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She's gone overboard.
Now it's "anyone who doesn't like Beyonce is a racist."

I can't tell if she's trolling or being serious. I think this is serious since she posts similar things and is a huge fan of Beyonce.

I mean, for the Queens sake, I could TRY to like Beyonce, but I doubt it would take.

I like KRS1, Kid Cudi, Flypside, etc though.

I like positive rap.

Am I racist for just not digging Beyonce?
I mean, best to her, but I just don't feel her music.
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>> No. 632011
File 153535388178.png - (235.84KB , 577x613 , stay mad.png )
>> No. 632019
File 153543950422.jpg - (33.79KB , 960x484 , kathy larraz.jpg )
100% Kathy right here.
>> No. 633283
File 15485618248.png - (398.78KB , 914x459 , dammitcatie.png )
"all white people"
dammit catie

File 154811190710.png - (528.38KB , 836x782 , Screenshot 2019-01-22 at 00_04_44.png )
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what, when did `I miss this?

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>> No. 633241 >>633242
typical insane old man behavior.

seriously cecil, just check yourself in to a mental asylum, it's where you belong.
>> No. 633242 >>633278
Hurr durr still not proving it, bitch boi.

>this guys crazy
>this guys a stalker

39 isn't old bro, btw, 40 this year. The age yo momma loves. Stay mad.
>> No. 633278
ok lunatic, keep believing you're normal

File 154704173597.png - (907.00KB , 1375x963 , stalker.png )
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Dude, stop stalking her.

I'm now contacting the Seattle Police.

She has a restraining order on you already.
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>> No. 633243 >>633246
You do realize that the alt right isn't normal, right?
And your addiction to false dichotomies also shows that you have a broken brain?

Who's this fallacy fag keep talking about?

Because if this is fubar, then this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.
>> No. 633246 >>633261
>You do realize that the alt right isn't normal, right?

Spoken like a true commie ideologue who is here to educate people on what is and what isn't acceptable.

Fuck off.
>> No. 633261
So if someone isn't an alt right fanatic, then they only other option is to be a commie.

Spoken like a true delusional fanatic.

And statistically, the alt right isn't normal.
It's also not supported by academia either.

File 154766215957.png - (63.87KB , 776x547 , derp.png )
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Well, isn't that interesting.
Let's see if this stays.
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>> No. 633140 >>633223
It's pretty funny that you, a newfag, are claiming that no one there during the 4chan war, lurkers don't exist on the internet, and if you haven't seen something personally it means that something can't exist.

You're mentally ill.

Take your pills.
>> No. 633179
not even samefagging you retard
>> No. 633223
you call everyone a newfag

File 153653257582.jpg - (49.70KB , 684x720 , 684full-catherine-wayne.jpg )
632169 No. 632169 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Outsider here.
Just some questions.

1.) Why do you think her videos garnered so much attention?

2.) Do you think the fact her fan base is mostly male has something to do with her own gender?

3.) How would you describe her interaction with her fan base?

4.) Why do you think she continued to place herself in the public eye despite the negative attention she received?

5.) What kinds of personalities do you think are drawn to her?

6.) Would you characterize her style as flirtatious?

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 633019
I agree with this
>> No. 633021 >>633200
I don't believe for one second she would follow someone with "white male" in their name. They're fucking a WHITE MALE!!!
>> No. 633200
Politically related Era-centric keywords are dog whistles.



Do you seriously think that avoiding direct phrasing while also directly implying racism can't be figured out?

The language of the alt right is linguistically deductive by using implication language.

Using inverse language tactics of coded language like "being white isn't bad" isn't something people can't figure out.

It's the context that matters. Trying to argue out of context is a tactic only of the dishonest.

File 154811278665.png - (1.45MB , 1334x750 , 7A6BF95E-644B-4F24-9EBF-74AC001CCA41.png )
633176 No. 633176 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Orange is is live

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>> No. 633184 >>633185
are you guys happy? she took the fucking video down. she's a nice girl! why can't you just be happy for her!
>> No. 633185
2 options here. Either she has taken it down because of her own mental health problems OR because of 1 single comment on Uni which would also make her pretty mental.
>> No. 633191
Wanna feel old?

Orange is now 23 years of age. When she turned 18 and started sex camming that was 5 years ago now.

Interesting though she was a super feminist brainwashed by Kathy at that time and it looks like maybe they don't talk now and OC has slightly grown up. She doesn't display all the usual feminist traits now. Kathy on the other hand.. lol. She will always be fucking trash.

File 154669008437.jpg - (149.15KB , 1080x1350 , notme.jpg )
632909 No. 632909 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Guess who turned out beautiful
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>> No. 632948
Kudos to Coolguy for seeing her beauty all along
>> No. 633124
this is so fucking creepy...you guys need to get a life.
>> No. 633150
How has the snow been in Iowa this winter?

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