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File 150452132485.png - (349.85KB , 978x693 , season of sorrow.png )
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Niki, I know you still linger here.

I am not ashamed to be open. I'll always be here for you. I regret every day that passes in which we are not together.

My pain is real.


I love you.
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>> No. 627177


Lmao wow. Just wow.
>> No. 627196 >>627200
i'm lookin4 my daddi

r u here daddi?

>> No. 627200
Lol what the fuck... did somebody seriously get a child to talk about Cecil to make him think Huey had a kid with him? Man whatttt...

File 150473080731.gif - (2.44MB , 341x340 , moshed_2017-8-2_1_9_20.gif )
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Cecil get off the board and stay off the board because this is not Cecil's public diary. This is supposed to be about the sphere and mostly about Boxxy and the big giant taxed at the very top of the page. I'm aware of the fact that this page is also been used to talk about fear drama ranging from Kelly to other b******* but this did not become the Cecil delusional show until you started hyper posting this past year. Every post doesn't need to be a Cecil post.
>> No. 627187 >>627190
File 150473386519.png - (217.71KB , 1131x733 , owning bitches.png )
You are right dude, maybe I should post instead about yo momma and how often I end up balls deep in her.
>> No. 627188
File 150473411515.gif - (276.57KB , 720x305 , spreaders.gif )
>> No. 627190
That's not a rational response.
You can't achieve anything if you're not following reason.
Cause and effect are tracked and metered by reason.
You can't make accurately surmised plans if you're throwing logic out the window.
You will achieve nothing.

File 150466832288.jpg - (78.33KB , 793x595 , everything.jpg )
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Think I wouldn't do anything for for you you?

You're killer high

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>> No. 627181
She has the stereotypical "witch" face.
>> No. 627182
File 15046982737.gif - (363.41KB , 653x462 , bald snatch.gif )
How tight was she?
>> No. 627183
File 150470193430.png - (277.61KB , 749x509 , catie.png )
Looks better than Catie.

Catie looks fucking disgusting now.

File 150446792042.jpg - (29.46KB , 660x371 , mhc.jpg )
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This is a post.
Do with it as you so choose.
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>> No. 627154 >>627156
A mouthful of my chunky scuzz load bitch.
>> No. 627156
File 150447343981.png - (278.53KB , 622x318 , tweaker cecil.png )
Cecil you are a gross old pedo.
>> No. 627178
File 150466463112.gif - (826B , 120x160 , 1408676497912.gif )

File 149838102346.jpg - (156.37KB , 1024x627 , Vidcon1.jpg )
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June @ Vidcon
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>> No. 627159 >>627160
Skeptic and Shoe don't even live together, so I'm pretty sure its lazy Skeptic, eating like shit, he doesn't even have a job so there's no reason for him to even leave the house.
>> No. 627160
You sure they don't live together? That would be very strange given how old they are and how long they've dated.
>> No. 627162

White genocide exposed.

File 150297798433.png - (61.97KB , 354x782 , who dat girl.png )
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Fuck it. I don't speak to her anymore.

This is from skype. She was 18 at the time so hush.

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>> No. 627148
File 150445629889.png - (142.62KB , 1261x869 , she keep sukkin.png )
Oh hallo thar seethart
>> No. 627150
File 150445660061.png - (26.35KB , 404x414 , cecil lollipop.png )
>> No. 627173
>You think otherwise? Prove me wrong.

Errrr. that's not how it works.

File 150412520825.jpg - (43.55KB , 720x960 , FB_IMG_1502343549767.jpg )
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>> No. 627138
File 15043781729.jpg - (115.74KB , 1079x1104 , FB_IMG_1504378280890.jpg )
>> No. 627139 >>627142
she literally admitted she wears wigs....
>> No. 627142
Many people who have hair wear wigs for fun

File 15037652106.jpg - (64.06KB , 720x960 , nice guy.jpg )
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What do you think life would be like if you were hideously ugly? I know there are ugly guys here like stick bug boi Jeffrey Bembery, but really ugly guys are very rare.

Your thoughts?
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>> No. 627100
DAMN SON! Wtf is that, slender mans gay son? Either that or Antifa.
>> No. 627103 >>627110
I don't know. Maybe ask Cecil, he's all about being ugly.
>> No. 627110
Make a video dude and say this. Oh wait you wont because you are a little autistic brat too ashamed to show themselves.

Yo momma is all about my cawk.

File 150309550323.png - (167.51KB , 706x583 , Screenshot from 2017-08-19 16-24-04.png )
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>> No. 627038
File 150353875823.png - (865.19KB , 892x874 , june00.png )

she passes pretty well then
>> No. 627050 >>627051
File 150361122114.jpg - (6.44KB , 325x310 , shoeboxx.jpg )
Surprisingly realistic Boxxy replicant.
>> No. 627051
The best part about it is that early on people here, including catie herself would lose their proverbial shit if they said June resembled boxxy

File 149683325432.png - (177.83KB , 511x308 , iluvyewhuey.png )
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I was raised from a broken seed, I grew up to be an unwanted weed.
Ever faster the time exceeds me, little harder again to remember... you.

Held a torch for you, when lightning struck me, once again, hope I died for the last time.
Only one I have a thing greater than you, little light on the sky every night.

Morning dew on the field, where I met you.
I was frozen a year, couldn't get through.
Got a sign, not a scar, on my shoulder, I am not quite the man you take me for...

I'd give my everything to you, follow you through the garden of oblivion.
If only I could tell you everything, the little things you'll never dare to ask me...

Do you really know me? I might be a God.
Show me that you care and have a cry.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 624749
File 149783609239.jpg - (592.23KB , 1080x1920 , troll.jpg )
Cecil, I have something for you. I befriended Caleb and for months I have been working on him and I have finally found out his chief sock puppet, the top troll he has been using. It's this guy.
>> No. 627040 >>627042
I like clean shaven Cecil more
>> No. 627042
I like yo mommas bald pussy more.

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