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File 150281627929.png - (631.75KB , 723x464 , neo nazi.png )
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Is this guy a troll?


>makes a video saying he's not a nazi
>the whole video he denies the holocaust
>has a booger hanging from his nose the whole time

Seriously, is this guy a fucking actor or troll?
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>> No. 626998 >>627008

"She" is one of the better looking feminine benis girls and look at the best she can attract?

Your regular unknown feminine benis girl would jump at the chance to date any male. So you have no excuse to not be dating one. That does make you gay, or at least bisexual though, please don't fool yourself about that part.
>> No. 627008
If anything it makes you sexually ambiguous within society's norms. If it looks like a woman and you're attracted to a woman, it's not gay by practical standards of what gayness is. But you can always force the issue with prepackaged arguments. Such as procreation, which is an outdated meme that has practically nothing to do with modernized sexuality. There's plenty of women with manish features but by your own skewed pov it would still fall under "straight"
>> No. 627028
File 150349978628.jpg - (44.38KB , 810x539 , snap_0003.jpg )
hii sexty.. u horny?

have pic of me. got boyfred?

File 150336665977.jpg - (3.19MB , 3025x1869 , 1503366340417.jpg )
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Catie Wayne is UNMOTHERLY
>> No. 626991
Catie's head thread.
>> No. 627018
Phrenology was discredited a long time ago.
Stop being retarded.

File 150256861955.jpg - (326.26KB , 1242x1223 , IMG_0486.jpg )
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Fake flag?
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>> No. 626987
File 150337382253.jpg - (174.44KB , 1177x601 , kek.jpg )
>> No. 626988
>> No. 626990
>go to europe

no I'd say if you want to avoid this shit go to poland or hungary or new zealand, or somewhere where leftists haven't got a stranglehold on everything.

File 150291146236.jpg - (519.38KB , 1024x768 , 1500199139200.jpg )
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Love and peace.
Or Internet.

File 150195297080.png - (1.11MB , 990x687 , gayleb 1.png )
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Hurrr durr I keep trying to shame Cecil but it never works so I will try it again and again.

Just how dumb are the trolls? If I could be shamed do you think I would post this? Just like my man cunt picture. I am free. You have no power over me.

If I get back with Huey, then it will happen and she will birth my children, but if not, whatever, I wont cry about it. I don't even need women. I have a pocket pussy to fuck. I can fuck it anytime I want and it will always remain teenage tight.

Cry harder autistic bitch trolls. I am just laughing at you. You can't control me. You can't shame me.

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>> No. 626798
Stop fagging around Cecil with that rat faced Jew Huey.

Find a real woman:

>> No. 626849 >>626850
File 150263695539.png - (236.70KB , 308x420 , date.png )
From last nights date.
>> No. 626850
File 15026390127.png - (266.05KB , 962x612 , le shocked dad face.png )

File 150235362480.png - (832.50KB , 845x437 , sup losers.png )
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I know you are watching this.

You failed to fuck up my life.

There is way bigger shit going on in the world.

>hurr i'm a pit boss
>durr i'm a pit fiend

I fucking won, trolls.

Niki, I love you so much.

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>> No. 626825
Very nice.
>> No. 626827
File 150255375012.jpg - (208.12KB , 929x515 , woke.jpg )
cessy took the red pills and is woke as fuck
>> No. 626830


File 14901730939.gif - (195.02KB , 426x340 , 0050607.gif )
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>> No. 626235
File 150084852632.jpg - (11.36KB , 480x360 , 0050646.jpg )
>> No. 626693
File 150174284065.png - (94.34KB , 487x307 , 1aed6c21fd84240c31999340bc690b2c-imagepng.png )
>> No. 626811
File 150241782960.jpg - (17.71KB , 600x452 , boxy.jpg )

File 150205371937.png - (729.92KB , 918x564 , clown town.png )
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Clown Town is a fukken bitch.

Think I don't know what you are doing? You probably threatened Huey to like your picture in Seattle to try and make me jealous. Your another one who is mad and jealous at me because I dated and fucked the hottest girl here and you wanted it to be you, you are still chasing after her now.

Whatever dude, just remember something. I had her moist lips wrapped around my cawk for 3 hours Then she sucked me dry for another 3 lol.

I know all your moves, bitch.
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>> No. 626776 >>626796 >>626799
Probably too busy smashing that Jew chick or some other golddigger.
>> No. 626796 >>626799
She's fucking hot, I'd move across the country for a chance to smash
>> No. 626799
Are you talking about Peter or Huey?

File 150214245697.jpg - (1.69MB , 4032x3024 , image.jpg )
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>> No. 626792 >>626795 >>626797
Is a male witch a warlock?
>> No. 626795 >>626797

Lol I think so
>> No. 626797
No, it's generally not. A male witch is also referred to as a witch, the same as a female. Although this might sound a bit like social justice talk now in that there is no distinction between male/female witches, it's been in usage for a long time.

"Warlock" is a derogatory term in paganism, meaning a deceiver and has some history in usage during the burning times.

Today though, all witches, regardless of sex are called witches. Warlock, like wizard or mage is really confined to the realms of fantasy games today.

You really are clueless about paganism.

File 150180216514.jpg - (135.26KB , 1027x912 , sad.jpg )
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I'm feeling pretty sad today. Could someone post some stuff to cheer me up?
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>> No. 626785
File 150214998116.png - (260.55KB , 520x520 , 1501994710001.png )
>> No. 626789
Matuska has also been quoted as explaining his crimes by saying: "I wrecked trains because I like to see people die. I like to hear them scream." It was reported that he achieved orgasm while watching the trains he had sabotaged crash (a forensic examination of the trousers he had worn on the night of the fatal crash discovered evidence of semen stains).
>> No. 626810
File 150241691460.jpg - (32.33KB , 386x270 , do your best.jpg )

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