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File 154704173597.png - (907.00KB , 1375x963 , stalker.png )
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Dude, stop stalking her.

I'm now contacting the Seattle Police.

She has a restraining order on you already.
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>> No. 633246 >>633261
>You do realize that the alt right isn't normal, right?

Spoken like a true commie ideologue who is here to educate people on what is and what isn't acceptable.

Fuck off.
>> No. 633261
So if someone isn't an alt right fanatic, then they only other option is to be a commie.

Spoken like a true delusional fanatic.

And statistically, the alt right isn't normal.
It's also not supported by academia either.
>> No. 634187
Cecil is still stalking I see

File 153788768028.png - (364.95KB , 590x847 , 1q.png )
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Yearly reminder that Catie Wayne is a bully that publicly ridicules people and plays the victim.
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>> No. 634161 >>634163
That's not a complete sentence.
Also, insulting people isn't any form of argument.
If the only thing you can do is throw out insults, then please realize that it clues people into your psychology.
Basically you're a douche that can't contribute positively so you attack others in hopes that you will look comparatively superior or comparatively normal.
That's a poor survival strategy.
I sincerely have faith in you that one day you will realize this and change.
>> No. 634163 >>634164
lol stfu
>> No. 634164
Not an argument

File 154692687490.jpg - (174.22KB , 1464x1464 , 21248217_10209425657189875_200167228779434562_o.jpg )
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Hey, what's up with Nico?
Is he autistic or what?
I'm not trying to be mean or offensive (yes, I'm aware this is unichan) but I kind of don't get the guy.

I mean, Catie has he obsessive fans, and then there is this guy.

He spams twitter, facebook, discord, every day posting memes about being in love with Catie and about moving to California to marry Catie.

He talks about her body, he posts lolita porn and acts like he's in some sort of secret relationship with her.

Should we notify the police about this guy?
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>> No. 634034 >>634037

Your only value is entertainment for the few of us that still come here from time to time. Your value comes from having no value so others can compare themselves to you and feel better. Once uni is gone you're litteraly worthless. Now dance monkey, dance for your life.
>> No. 634037
File 15567494186.png - (210.07KB , 380x387 , slap.png )
I don't need you to tell me my worth and value, it's higher than a wet turd so it's higher than you. You are also admitting your value is a little more than worthless. Don't worry dude, I already knew that already about a bitter and jealous mad faceless troll.

Imagine walking on the streets and seeing homeless people struggling to survive and smiling about it thinking you are better than them. I knew some of the autistic sock puppets were fukken pathetic but this takes it to a new level.

Is it any surprise you are just so mad that I got to date the most beautiful girl here when your life is so pathetic.

Yo mommas only value is to please my cawk, bitch.
>> No. 634049
You know, the Goddess Crissa met Catie.

File 155371389356.png - (302.46KB , 582x489 , abuse.png )
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June is in an abusive relationship. I know this has been pushed before as a joke but it's happening.

So June has moved closer to Skeptic. She is now alienated from her family, the area she is familiar with and her friends. She will be totally reliant on Skeptic now and spend all day online. That will be her world. He will be her world.

Skeptic will still have his friends and family around and knows June will be under his total control.

Why wouldn't she just move in with him? Because he gets to do his own thing, go out with friends, see other women etc. without June knowing while he knows she will be seeing nobody and just be at her place alone.

This is a textbook abusive and controlling relationship and June is the naive little child as she always was.

If they argue Skeptic will carry on as normal while June will be all alone and will soon give in to him.

Sad times.
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>> No. 633878
File 155511822345.png - (635.40KB , 1228x690 , rip.png )

Time to hit on June when she is at her most vulnerable!
>> No. 633891

>> No. 634026
OP's post was so stupid I assumed it was probably a joke, but props for taking the time to do a coherent refutation of it anyway.

File 155650645772.jpg - (158.20KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault[1].jpg )
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What are you guys getting Catie for her birthday? I'm thinking we buy her a cruise ship for all the hard work she does and the laughter she's given us over the years.
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>> No. 634021
I was 47 when I came here almost 10 years ago. Yeah, I was in my 40's but a cool 40-something year old. I'm 57 now. In 3 years time I will be 60. Wow.
>> No. 634022 >>634024
>She really is going to end up an angry cat lady feminist
>end up

We're already there, anon. She's also a white guilt filled lunatic.
>> No. 634024
I'd still hatefuck her.

File 155588385019.jpg - (181.03KB , 1024x637 , mess2.jpg )
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>> No. 633998 >>634001
>living in the place he comes from and not illegally in america

>> No. 634001
He got deported duh
>> No. 634004
Wtf does he have Drew as his Youtube banner?

File 153849615979.png - (1.10MB , 1058x712 , wolf amongst the sheep.png )
632368 No. 632368 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
I know you still come to this troll den, Huey.

You can ignore me. You can avoid me. You can believe the lies told about me. You can hate me. You can fuck other dudes.

Do you know what you can't do though, Huey?

UNSUCK MY CAWK. 3 hours of it and I remember every single second.
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>> No. 633846
I know you are still watching. Contact me. You must have grown up to understand age does not matter now.
>> No. 633879
File 155512208513.png - (270.62KB , 787x819 , da pucci much nice.png )
bbe show dat pussy
bbe show dat smutch
yea bbe

yea bbe daddie here, grandpappy here

yea bbe show dat pussy
back pussy, front pussy
daddie like 'em
daddie shoe 'em
yeah bbe
>> No. 633966
why do you sockpuppet cecil instead of being a normal person with a normal life?

maybe the fact you can't have a normal life is why you do this.


File 155007137717.png - (444.08KB , 854x710 , women are trash.png )
633494 No. 633494 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone else feel themselves slowly sliding towards MGTOW for completely practical reasons?

Even ignoring divorce rape and the other kinds of relationship bullshit, there's nothing appealing about a relationship on paper.

Let's picture a perfectly "healthy" relationship - I provide a woman with physical protection, income, DIY skills, problem solving skills etc. etc. for what practical benefit in return? Absolutely fuck all.

Why would I want to spend the entire rest of my life living with and entertaining some physically weak and mentally vapid human being for absolutely nothing practical in return? Wow, I get a hole to put my dick in and my brain releases some happy chemicals when I'm around her!? Let me sign away half of my life and half of my paycheck right this second!!
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>> No. 633863
Firstly bitch, I don't have a restraining order and if I did it doesn't mean I can't talk about her or make videos.

>hurr durr you are not even allowed to think about someone
>you are breaking the law

Go back to your commie though crime utopia, you Marxist piece of shit.
>> No. 633893
How old is too old? I have the opportunity to fuck a 72 year old woman. She's not hot or anything but her age makes it kinda hot. What do you think?
>> No. 633957
File 155596230670.png - (239.85KB , 471x421 , me with vanessa.png )

File 153460997757.jpg - (89.36KB , 768x1024 , pehmeä tyty.jpg )
631862 No. 631862 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
There has been a lot of catie hate recently which is completely understandable cause she became a degenerate feminist, but she's still cute, fluffy, soft, nice, lovely, beautiful, probably smells like strawberry shampoo and you have to admit that if you had the chance you would pet, hug and sniff her so much! Say something nice about catie :3
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>> No. 633983
>if you don't they actually escalate to trying to commit sly character assassination on you behind your back

>they did it to chris, caties dad, they did it to RC, and catie has stabbed everyone of her friends in the back as well

This, so much. It is so clear now why her former friends were saying all those things about her back then. Even Dan had called her stupid. Catie might've been a bubbly and cute-looking girl in the past but she's obviously always had an awful character in the first place.
>> No. 634188
I've always been curious as to what Catie has done for people exactly
I'm not hating just wondering
>> No. 634210
There is nothing wrong with feminism.
Prove me wrong.

File 15490421204.jpg - (134.45KB , 778x1600 , IMG-20180908-WA0026.jpg )
633360 No. 633360 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Dan Birlem appreciation thread
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>> No. 633366
why do niggers get so damn fat? is it because they are used to eating air and dirt and when they had a european diet of actual food it bloated them?

i don't envy you guys who live amongst these orcs. eastern europe is comfy.
>> No. 633369
Dan is okay.
Yes, he posted to 4chan and talked to the stalkers during BoxxyPeace, but he was kid who thought it was harmless fun.
Did he betray Catie's trust?
Yeah. But it didn't hurt her objectively, just emotionally.
If anything he seemed to be distracting the stalkers during BoxxyPeace, keeping them in that parking lot; he probably contacted her to let them know they were there so she could leave.

I also know he joined a few tech and humanitarian companies about 5 years ago or so.
Good for him.

We all have the inherent right to move on and progress.
>> No. 633862
Dan never did anything wrong.
Do you even know why they broke up?
Catie said he was too short, to unpopular and didn't have a life plan to become more popular.

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