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File 154584356618.jpg - (2.17MB , 3814x2455 , HPV.jpg )
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and what an amazing life it is to be allowed to play banjo, dear goblins

cheers for the new year;
because it's all down hill from here, ya' know
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>> No. 632894
>> No. 632895
It’s like me and my elder sister. As are only kids of our parents, and we lost dad at very early age. Our mom fucking her younger colleague everyday. We both watch her sex and we enjoy the same in bed everyday. She knows that we are watching and having sex like her. She accepted our relationship on a condition that she too need sex with me. We have two kids with mom and expecting a baby with sister. Enjoying my both women.
>> No. 632896
im warning. u

no. copypastas allowed in my thread; consider this a warning.

Don't. Let. It. Happen. Again.

File 152449481585.png - (468.93KB , 720x720 , scannerwoman.png )
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so uni, i have amassed a folder of screencaps of my weird encounters with the scanners, whom i believe to be a subbranch of the illuminati (of course not real name) designated to "handle" me

i believe they began their operation when i went here to unichan.

remember how back then i believed there was a conspiracy to hurt catie? well these are the people. and they were successfull. catie lost her soul.

they mindcontrolled me into going to suicide myself.

no one on 4chan or even my personal discord believes me. you are my last hope uni, please help me with them.


their board is https://8ch.net/scanner/index.html

they allways delete their posts to stay hidden.
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>> No. 632860 >>632864
thats why i ask online.

PS: the scanners are gone now. we took their site. first victory against evil and darkness.

i also found out through that that there are several matrix nodes which influence my brain.
>> No. 632864
>i also found out through that that there are several matrix nodes which influence my brain.

Would you really talk like this to a girl if you met one? Nobody will be your girlfriend if you talk about mental things like that.

None of those things are true. You know that you have mental health issues. It's all in your head. People around you such as family are not lying to you. I'm not lying to you. Once you start to accept it is just in your head and keep taking your medication maybe you can get past this.
>> No. 632870
That sucks. Been there. You’re a really interesting guy, though. Use that to your advantage. Do you have a job? Or other ways to harness that unique energy, such as art or a specific area of study? Focusing on that might help bring out a side of you that will be attractive to a cool girl.

File 154465800484.jpg - (442.14KB , 1080x1343 , Screenshot_20181212-173913_Instagram.jpg )
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wtf happened to her
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>> No. 632841
GAWD WTF?? WOW. To say my cawk is throbbing right now would be a gross understatement.
>> No. 632842 >>632845
File 154552019021.jpg - (84.16KB , 640x480 , 132139593599.jpg )
Back when Mickey was fuckable
>> No. 632845
Hahhaah them fat pig fingers, I can see why she was unhappy, she has gone too extreme though to the point of looking clownish. This girl must be so mentally fucked up.

File 154195817316.jpg - (160.27KB , 1275x956 , smileyperv.jpg )
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I thought it had gone years ago and I was just messing around putting unichan2 and then tried 3 and it worked!

Is anyone still here? I am looking to get in contact again with a guy I met through here and on tinychat years ago.

He went by the name "SmileyPerv" and the last time I talked to him he was hung up about his girlfriend that was screwing around and cheating on him. She was a real nasty ho.

Hope you are doing well my dude and you dropped her skank ass.

Contact me please.
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>> No. 632761 >>632770
I wonder what happened to that older guy who met the underage 13 year old guy who had autism or special needs in a McDonald's car park at 3am in the morning and got him an item off the dollar meal menu to suck the older guys cock. That was weird.
>> No. 632770 >>632774
I think that guys name was Fubar. After the 13 year old sucked his dick, Fubar purchased him a Filet-O-Fish from the dollar menu.
>> No. 632774
File 154438410742.png - (527.50KB , 565x490 , snap004.png )
>After the 13 year old sucked his dick, Fubar purchased him a Filet-O-Fish from the dollar menu.

File 154380553458.jpg - (132.88KB , 900x1200 , DoNtcPkVsAA9ouP.jpg )
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Kathy only hates me because i prove all her preconceived notions wrong..
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>> No. 632756 >>632758
>tee hee hee
>don't look at me
>don't b sexist
>hehe value wammin 4 their brains..
>hee hee this shot isn't totally to show off my tits
>that's all i have to offer

She is such an insufferable cunt. Nig should be fucking ashamed of himself that he thinks so lowly of himself he sets his sights on THAT. Yet he still gets rejected.

Fucking hell...
>> No. 632758 >>632760
I'm sorry that you're incapable of valuing someone for both brains and beauty
>> No. 632760
Lmao Nig you are such a fucking Elliot Rodger.

You'd be a real danger to society if you ever left your grandmothers basement.

File 152047272495.png - (617.91KB , 835x474 , kingdom of solitude.png )
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Are you fukken bitches happy now? Hurr look at me I did it!! You have been harassing my apartment owner about stories of me being a stalker, this guys a stalker and he's dangerous!! He has a criminal record!!

He is secretly watching child porn all night, look at him, he's sooo crazy!

I got removed from my apartment but I am going to sue the owner if they put me on the streets again so they let me move into an unused basement space as an apartment. You thought you had won but I am still here, I prefer to be closer to the earth anyway. You think you can take me down but naw bro, that ain't happening. You have just made me stronger.

You are pathetic trolls and your whole lives revolve around harassing me when I barely even come here now and when I do it's to let you know you haven't won, you haven't done shit. I prefer the peace down here anyway so thank you. Lol MAD.
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>> No. 632736 >>632738
We're just trying to get you closer to the Earth my main man. Why don't you put your cawk into a hole in the ground for 3 hours?
>> No. 632738
yo momma tornado tongue was rubbering my cawk
>> No. 632740
Gawd you are so obvious Jeffrey you bug eyed stick bug.

Wrap your lips around my sloppy meaty man cunt so I can deposit a turd in there.

File 154276199338.png - (848.42KB , 720x893 , Screenshot_2018-11-20-19-53-45~2.png )
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>> No. 632696
File 154315630422.jpg - (176.06KB , 690x863 , mickey.jpg )
>> No. 632732
Is this the end boss of some fantasy rpg?

Yer face looks like a shield, honey.
>> No. 632739

More? Holy shit what a freak.

File 154347540468.jpg - (3.24MB , 5488x3088 , Casey.jpg )
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look what i dug up
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>> No. 632723 >>632727
File 154351459012.png - (558.54KB , 717x434 , my love for huey will never die.png )
It's important to me seethart. How are you? You can still contact me on my youtube channel if you would like to talk.

>> No. 632727
>> No. 632728
What she said out loud to the detectives sure as hell ended up being pretty damn important to a poor, innocent man. Twice.

File 154213190793.png - (133.79KB , 483x350 , tumblr_lzs4foqT3M1rq8eg3o1_500.png )
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What is she up to these days?
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>> No. 632670 >>632674
File 154298147930.jpg - (456.16KB , 1280x1919 , tumblr_ox46ht7v0s1rzkhtdo6_1280.jpg )
i know she got married (pic related) to the guy mentioned in >>632588 and went on a honeymoon and finished grad school for a masters degree. but that's just what she's shared publicly, i don't know more personal shit since i don't talk to her.
>> No. 632674
God damn she married that austistic dweeb from Denmark or wherever the fuck he was from?

This might sound romantic... young couple meet online and it blossoms into marriage but 5 years from now it will fade out as they start to understand they lost their youth and are in a boring sexless marriage.

I'm just being cruel to be kind here.
>> No. 632709
File 154332778343.png - (733.71KB , 934x371 , marie flirting with cessy.png )
What do you guys think this at the time underage drugged up junkie Irish slut that was fucking older guys for beer money is doing these days?

Possibly a contender for the worse sphere girl ever apart from maybe Caver.

File 153856364887.jpg - (84.01KB , 1105x829 , 148212431722.jpg )
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Who has the good peter pics?
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>> No. 632687
What's sexual about sitting in a sink?
>> No. 632689
You know, I never really gave a shit about peter. But you can keep the nudes coming. She doesn't look half bad naked.
>> No. 632690
Purity is the realm of the Gods, you Chaos dirt bag and Babylon whore worshiper. Be gone, thot.

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