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File 154991353899.png - (860.25KB , 974x700 , leave me alone.png )
633477 No. 633477 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Just leave me the fuck alone. I am done with all of humanity. Judgement day is coming. Mankind can fucking rot in a steaming pile of shit and piss mixed with vomit and semen.

I love you Huey.

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>> No. 633588 >>633590
Any of you guys remember Moxxie?


Cecil used to cyber with her lol.
>> No. 633590
File 155172343384.png - (1.14MB , 1246x719 , oi oi.png )
Another 13 year old who hungered for my cawk.

>inb4 hurr durrr pedo!

Boring. Get a new line.
>> No. 633848
I rose above that day and came back from the ashes, bitches.

File 154445802931.png - (193.74KB , 337x353 , caleb is a bitch.png )
632789 No. 632789 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Dad cawk and daughter
Makes my mouth water

Legs up for hours
Twisting and fisting

Reminder that this is a troll den filled with sock puppets, trolls and jews.

Don't take anything I say serious here and if you want to contact me you have to make a video showing who you are and I will reply. I don't reply to anonymous trolls from a troll den.

I love Huey. Peace.
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>> No. 633453
hurr durr pettifile!
>> No. 633587 >>633847
I miss McLovin :-(

>> No. 633847
whar is he!?

File 155225726676.jpg - (3.30MB , 4032x3024 , 1552195219010.jpg )
633608 No. 633608 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I miss u
>> No. 633609
File 155227329763.png - (139.83KB , 1275x865 , i miss you.png )
If that's you sweethart, I am here for you. Contact me. I luv you.
>> No. 633610
File 155228469344.png - (753.70KB , 834x479 , smile.png )
I still smile when I think of you Huey.
>> No. 633841
she has a restraining order out on you
you doesn't love you and she never did
youre a stalker not an ex
what part of "she called the cops on you" do you not understand?

File 151242229346.jpg - (61.55KB , 800x600 , unipls.jpg )
628423 No. 628423 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
What's up fags, I'm back from the dead. Glad to see everyone is still alive. And I see that nothing has really changed, same shit as always on the front page. Never change, Uni.
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>> No. 633765
You couldn't be more wrong. The only fags still alive are the usual bunch of nonentities e.g. jwagzzchrono and masonprof.
>> No. 633771
yeah same. except i have cancer, so i'll soon be returning to the dead.
i hope uni never changes tbh.
>> No. 633839
no one knows who you are and no one cares
the sphere had hundreds of idiots that posted their pics trying to gain attention
each thinking they were now of a central importance to the sphere because they posted a pic and ranted online
every pic poster does that crap because they think if catie sees a pic of them she will swoon and try to contact them
didnt happen for any of you and it never will
youre not important
get over yourselves

File 154981638893.png - (187.78KB , 296x404 , kisses for u.png )
633469 No. 633469 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
hello boxxy!! i found u website i am u biggest fan!! XD

kisses for u lol!

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>> No. 633483 >>633492
the only thing more cringy than these people are the asshats posting these in order to feel better about their own situation.
>> No. 633492
absolutely s e e t h i n g
>> No. 633807
this guy terrifies me. he's a real alcoholic schizo too.

File 15542275248.jpg - (15.16KB , 530x298 , huawei.jpg )
633775 No. 633775 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Me and my soul mate after she's been knee deep in my mancunt for over three hours.

I love you Huawei, that will never change.
>> No. 633776 >>633789
File 155422861269.png - (264.69KB , 473x307 , pussy cam.png )
Hurr durr pretty funny dude. You must have worked on that one, Gayleb.

Here is a pic from yo mommas pussy cam. Her pink cunt was spread so wide open.
>> No. 633789 >>633796

I worked more on that one than i did Huawei. She caved like a virgin. I guess she was just craving cock. Pussy was fucking tight dude.
>> No. 633796
Yo momma dumb bitch. Hurr duree!! You are a weak troll. How does it feel to know I was deep inside yo mommas sloppy loose cunt all night long? Stay mad you fukken pathetic sock puppet who Gayleb pays 1 dollar a day for.

File 154916622950.jpg - (837.26KB , 1877x1600 , 1526210988974.jpg )
633386 No. 633386 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Idiot tried to block my IP.
Hey, dipshit mcgee... that was a proxy address.
I'm really getting annoyed and frustrated with everyone's stupidity and inferiority.
You should already have digested the basics about epistemology, technology, sociology, and ethics by now.
Why do you all keep choosing to be pathetic.
At least watch one crash course on critical thinking.
Why are you all so extremely inferior?
You don't have to be.
It's a choice.
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>> No. 633684 >>633785 >>633790
> out of nowhere

its cyberpunk art and op is clearly referring to tech (IP) and circumnavigating sad attempts to block them
>> No. 633785 >>633790
Not sure what makes that cyberpunk, the dude has two samurai swords.

It's still Simon Bisley art.
>> No. 633790
It's not cyberpunk, it's just general fantasy art. Think something along the lines of Heavy Metal 1981.

File 155397303717.jpg - (60.82KB , 620x465 , AP103799426012.jpg )
633751 No. 633751 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Boxxy impressionist named "cecilia" does a scitzo character on youtube talk show in 2017

>> No. 633764 >>633768
I just realized you're a newfag from 2014.

I know who you are now, because you've posted shit like this before but tied to a username.

You uploaded a pic of yours on the forum that had your other username in the filename.

I know who you are now.
>> No. 633768
No you don't. You are just a psychopath suffering from a mental illness. Seek help.

File 155344653867.png - (947.26KB , 1246x711 , guess who.png )
633676 No. 633676 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Sup losers?

Guess who just blew his chunky load in some hawt tight and pink teen pussy? I'll give you a clue. It starts with M and ends in E.
>> No. 633677
wow.. he's actually naked.
>> No. 633757
File 155406062787.png - (327.64KB , 1257x846 , long dong.png )
Yarghhh me fukken mateys, it's me, captain long dong silver, throw me dat booty, throw me dat boi pucci

File 155200455716.png - (1.19MB , 1245x716 , black pilled.png )
633595 No. 633595 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So this is what you all wanted and you got it. I just uploaded a video to say I am depressed right now, I fucking hate this time of year and I hate all of you. LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE.

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>> No. 633611
File 155228560452.png - (240.40KB , 251x469 , i love boxxy.png )
How post here? Hello Boxxy!! I am you biggest fan!!
>> No. 633612 >>633613
Rawry just got married. Wonder how many other sphere people are married now? Probably several. Pretty sure Crissa and Peter both are.
>> No. 633613
>posting without proof


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