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File 149908630774.jpg - (87.94KB , 936x934 , FB_IMG_1499086304152.jpg )
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Miss her:( and that face and body.
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naw nigga u can change the mas kbut this nasty crazy ass dirty mofo jacking off teens can gtfo.
>> No. 632573 >>632575
Anybody save and have her MFC vids? Think it was whiteslug or something like that
>> No. 632575
Nigguh, wut? Hill was a cam model???? She must have made about an extra dollar a night than Kathy then. So About $1.10 a night.

File 154132201389.jpg - (64.15KB , 911x1024 , 1540927360155m.jpg )
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>> No. 632572
delete this

File 154086528471.jpg - (12.86KB , 374x374 , i luv cessy.jpg )
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Cecil isn't feeling too great right now, he is in a lot of pain and visible tears. Say nice things about him.

Thinking about you Cecil.
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File 154113055816.png - (817.32KB , 846x472 , date time.png )
I just had a date.

Video is what happened later that night when I got lucky on Halloween.

>> No. 632561
File 154127335574.png - (939.19KB , 1222x713 , anon.png )
Hello troll den. We iz anonymouzezzez... expecto petroleums..we iz the legionz.. we do not forget we do not forgive, you can be expecting uz
>> No. 632571
File 154138702583.png - (436.84KB , 693x713 , anonymouzez.png )
Hewwo twoll den... i am the legionz of anoymouzes and you can be expecto us.

File 154133355171.png - (255.23KB , 3572x1476 , proof.png )
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daily reminder that this happens openly and no one cares.
>> No. 632567
Hit or miss
I guess they never miss, huh?
You got a boyfriend, I bet he doesn't kiss ya
He gon' find another girl and he won't miss ya
>> No. 632569
Please don't be crazy.

File 153954744353.png - (722.38KB , 441x786 , mau5.png )
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Mau5 thread?

She is looking so fucking delicious these days.
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>> No. 632562 >>632565

TuoDecaps and Jelly: no-hopers living with their mother.

This guy: collects sports cars.

To this day she keeps Jelly hanging on as a beta orbiter, but unless he wins Mega Millions the chance he'll be allowed any closer is nil.
>> No. 632565
>To this day she keeps Jelly hanging on

No way... all these years on and he's still sniffing around her for some spare change... sad.
>> No. 632568
File 154134627086.png - (1.09MB , 1166x516 , sphere crew.png )
I miss these guys. My top 3 sphere members.

File 15381158054.png - (30.47KB , 256x256 , meatwad.png )
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someone post june bikini pics
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File 154112297835.jpg - (254.96KB , 493x670 , shoe.jpg )
>> No. 632559
File 154112358524.jpg - (299.69KB , 625x415 , deaugh.jpg )

File 154069843632.jpg - (293.40KB , 2048x1536 , a6da273715bbe342fb76283220ec8dff-imagejpeg.jpg )
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A good board in a weary world welcomes people like yourself https://mewch.net/ Share the word, this is not spam but a special invitation to see some cool shit.

This invitation is unique and not many will get it, so rejoice. Tell them Kelly sent you.
>> No. 632535
File 154073393323.jpg - (8.05KB , 246x232 , 1446952390519.jpg )
>> No. 632541
I miss her. D:

>> No. 632555
>unironically has an /i/nvasion board


File 153859460555.jpg - (22.18KB , 448x620 , L.jpg )
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Cecil: So what was with that girl last night?

Caleb: Which one?

Cecil: One you were with last night?

Caleb: June.

Cecil: One you said looks like boxxy.

Caleb: Oh shes exactly like her man. shes italian and 4 foot six, but people ask her if shes boxxy like all the time.

Cecil: so what was boxxy dwarf like you give it to her?

Caleb: Oh she got it, she got it good, I gave it to her so hard. I POUNDED HER MAN, POUNDED HER. I Pounded her for like nearly a minute
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>> No. 632394
>> No. 632395
>> No. 632529
File 154048552658.jpg - (322.32KB , 641x1080 , A06-06SpinasGTV11_B1080_v1.jpg )
This thread is epic

File 153979166639.png - (748.24KB , 705x509 , buzz.png )
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Was out with friends and a girl I was seeing. Went over to her house and before going inside she said that she would prefer it if we took our shoes off before going inside. Once inside everyone noticed that I was shorter and they found the lifts in my shoes. Night was awkward...

Girl went nc on me
Friends only make jokes about my lifts, no point in hanging out with them anymore
One of them posted something about me on Facebook now everyone knows

Fuk you whoever recommended shoe lifts on here srs
>> No. 632519
Why are women such trash?


File 153885066750.jpg - (1.18MB , 2340x3959 , 20180922_163707~2.jpg )
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It has 3 chambers
$20 steal from an indian convenience store
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>> No. 632506 >>632508
Sorry but i get the last word
>> No. 632508
File 153959483572.png - (341.01KB , 634x317 , eat shit.png )
Suck on one of my sloppy vegan turds, Jeffrey.

>> No. 632509
File 153959880524.png - (12.15KB , 521x143 , comment.png )

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