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File 149503558378.png - (154.95KB , 269x287 , princess.png )
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Maia, you look so much more happy, shining and beautiful since you left your degenerate boyfriend.

I love you.

Call me pls.

>> No. 623601
She needs a better camera though.
>> No. 626783 >>626787
Still waiting on that call.
>> No. 626787
File 15021743168.png - (267.59KB , 464x311 , always.png )
Oi. I'm OP. Not you. Maia is my forever Princess.


File 149890084561.jpg - (595.92KB , 1418x1388 , Jet_Grind_Radio_FRONT.jpg )
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Post them here.
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>> No. 626728 >>626767
Huey looks cute here.
>> No. 626767
She'd look cute with her lips around my cock
>> No. 626784
File 150214992532.jpg - (1.12MB , 1000x1259 , 1500406317664.jpg )
Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one.

File 148963502621.jpg - (94.87KB , 768x1024 , 14376889135.jpg )
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Sorry for all the hate on the board as of late miss Wayne.
Lots of people have been raging on here.
I know this isn't your board and nor do you visit here anymore, but sorry all the same.
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>> No. 623473
File 149483435424.jpg - (132.68KB , 612x926 , 1494800865331.jpg )
>> No. 623478
File 14948394377.png - (60.06KB , 173x245 , 0054688.png )
>> No. 626756
File 150204571058.jpg - (372.98KB , 1536x2048 , c029eca190a423f547b6288c0af8039c31980a09753fb7b9d4.jpg )

File 149908630774.jpg - (87.94KB , 936x934 , FB_IMG_1499086304152.jpg )
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Miss her:( and that face and body.
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>> No. 626743
Best OC since this website started
>> No. 626753
File 150203985592.jpg - (60.92KB , 829x829 , Shaun Bigglesbottom.jpg )

>> No. 626754
>We need more Hill

No we don't.

File 150153764546.jpg - (156.53KB , 900x1200 , mohammeds koran.jpg )
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This deserves its own thread. Get yourself a copy of this book now. Islam has already reared its ugly head in the USA on multiple occasions but because the population is relatively small so far it hasn't received the response like in Europe.

It will though, it will grow. If Europe falls, the USA will also fall as Islam will have its dirty hands on mass amounts of nuclear warheads.

Or the countries will slip into mass civil wars.

This book is selling like crazy.

Islam was never called a "religion of peace" prior to 9/11. Prior to 9/11 the West spoke out about the dangers of Islam and never described it as anything positive.

Only in the past 15 years or so has this "religion of peace" lie being repeated and that somehow Muslims are peaceful and tolerant. It's all lies and politicians go along with it rather than confront the truth because the problem is just too big now.

The Quran is not in chronological order. People will cherry pick better parts of it. The nicer parts are from Muhammad's early life. His later life, his final words and the most important parts are all about murder, rape, killing, war.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 626746

> What is the long term solution for the Islam problem? Kill every single follower of the religion on the planet? Kill 1/3 of the earth's population?

Yes, the world is overpopulated anyway. We can keep the ones who are smart and have Phds and shit like that.
>> No. 626748
The solution is to expose Islam for what it is.

There is no such thing as the "least extreme" version is Islam. Islam is a religion (ideology) of war. Any Muslims killing in the name of Islam such as ISIS are as pure Muslims as you can get. That's what Islam is.

I spent a lot of my childhood in an Islamic country, due to my fathers work. Islam is divided into 2 parts. Dar al-Islam (peace under Islamic rule) and Dar al-Harb which is a world of war.

What this means is that if you are not under Islamic rule then war must be waged. There is no other solution. There is no "less extreme" or anything else.

Not that you'll even listen because you are too far gone. Westerners never knew much about Islam so had to rely on their leaders to inform them and their leaders have spread lies.

To say Christianity is similar is very wrong. It's not a religion of war and includes commandments such as "thou shalt not kill" (mistranslation of do not murder) which Islam absolutely does not.

If you understand Islam (you don't) you'd see how misinformed your whole post is.
>> No. 626752
File 150203923191.jpg - (708.13KB , 1160x992 , ls.jpg )
For people who wish to understand why it is impossible for Muslims to integrate or not commit violent acts in the West, watch this 1 minute video.

The West is Dar al-Harb (territory of war) in Islam, therefore any acts of violence, murder, bombs etc. are justified under Islamic law.

The whole "these terrorists in the West are not true Muslims" is completely bogus because their acts are justified and encouraged in Islam. This is actually the way for them to get into their heaven. Muslims who are "peaceful" and do not carry out jihad, those Muslims will actually go to hell.

Jihad meaning inner struggle, along with religion of peace and Islamophobic are all new terms simply invented within the past 20 years to cover up what Islam is.


File 150167868085.jpg - (73.70KB , 1024x684 , girl age.jpg )
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Let's have a mature, no "muh feelings" type discussion.

This girl is pretty. I think she looks the most beautiful at 13/14. This coincides perfectly with nature with her coming into adulthood. 11 she looks like a child still.

No "pedo" shit, the age of consent in most of the Western world is 16. Lower in some European countries. A pedo is someone who likes children aged 11 or below. People just see the age and if it isn't level with the age of consent in their country, they panic and scream pedo.

If the ages were removed from this girls pics and mixed up, or you were told she was 17, which she could pass for in her pics after age 12 you would all agree she's cute. The number just freaks you out.

Most of you are not honest with yourself and let a random number dictate your life.

So what age do you think this girl looks the most attractive?
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>> No. 626721 >>626725
Perhaps she'll let you date her daughters? That got your interest, didn't it? Creepy.
>> No. 626725
Did you really just ask me a question and then answer it yourself to fit your narrative of slandering someone?

2 of her kids are 18+ and the other 2 are under 12. Clearly I am matching with these women because I am looking for those 30+ but the 18+ she has, yeah, I'd be interested. Under 12? Nah, I'll wait until they are 16.
>> No. 626727

because of your physical appearance. Someone like cecil will almost never get messaged first by women regardless of what the text of his profile says.

File 147917613886.png - (183.35KB , 640x480 , 134104248949.png )
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In this thread we post pics of Catherine Wayne aka Boxxy babe with two e's.
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>> No. 626711 >>626786
File 150182112969.jpg - (367.15KB , 1400x1325 , 1501444897248.jpg )
>> No. 626716
File 150189498147.png - (273.31KB , 632x353 , catie.png )
This is an actual pretty picture of Catie in her videos, a miniature escape from all the feminist "I can look uglier than you" bullshit.
>> No. 626786
I have a major Tracer fetish, so this is...doing things to me

File 150133589736.png - (735.24KB , 839x472 , war face.png )
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Fuck your gender war!

Yo momma.

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>> No. 626558
File 150143792434.png - (361.32KB , 633x463 , cecil.png )

>> No. 626625
File 15015498504.png - (724.16KB , 567x539 , possible cecil sighting.png )
Caught this fucking thing on my home security cam today. Cecil?
>> No. 626664
File 150167801749.jpg - (23.54KB , 252x393 , Turnerdiariescover.jpg )
Hey Cecil. Ever read The Turner Diaries? It's pretty good.

File 150167259482.png - (20.73KB , 600x1024 , Screenshot_2017-08-02-06-14-05.png )
626657 No. 626657 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 626658
File 150167328380.png - (169.59KB , 600x1024 , Screenshot_2017-08-02-06-28-14.png )
>> No. 626661
And if you're reading this, Joeseph... Like I said... ur fucking qt as FU :3

File 148959392983.png - (11.06KB , 185x68 , logo.png )
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We need to have a tinychat meeting.
I'm wondering who all these new fans on here posting crap.
No judgements and shit, I'm just curious.
So I'm proposing that people should drop in and out of tinychat.com/boxxyunion over the week.
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>> No. 625629
File 149945934573.jpg - (132.11KB , 640x640 , 1498170634828.jpg )
>> No. 626655
Well Tinychat's all fucked up with the Beta bull.
I guess no circa 2012 pop up anymore.
>> No. 626656
File 150167227473.jpg - (18.68KB , 492x610 , 11652265_1132862610062639_474271899_n.jpg )
We do not talk about tinychat anymore.

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