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File 150020823929.gif - (476.12KB , 500x375 , loli chan dolores pouting.gif )
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Does Kathy even come here anymore?
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>> No. 626663
Yeah, OK, Kathy.

>staying up later and later

Or it could be I am a programmer at a pc all day and when it's daytime and I am at work, it's the middle of the night for Kathy.

The more you know, eh?
>> No. 626665 >>626667
What life? She sits in her parents guesthouse 24/7 while vaping on the toilet, making $20 a day doing camshows and shitposting on /leftypol/. She has no life! So sad.
>> No. 626667
Lol this.

File 150107857223.jpg - (220.20KB , 1242x1229 , IMG_9984.jpg )
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>> No. 626635
Time stamp pic or ur faking
>> No. 626638
>black guy gets called a nigga by an 11 year old
>chimps out and acts like a nigger

My sides. The white kids are waking up.

>> No. 626641
I have a message for the "trans-trender" on here:


File 150142885412.png - (554.23KB , 656x340 , jwagzz.png )
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Give an update on sphere people.

Jwagzz is 30 now and running for government.
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>> No. 626637 >>626639
LOL back up your claims.
>> No. 626639
I heard the same thing
>> No. 626640
File 150165333943.png - (397.63KB , 542x322 , 5ft.png )
Polite reminder that this guy is the same height as Cecil.

File 150045844173.png - (334.13KB , 558x307 , cecil chan.png )
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Let's all send our love and positive energy to our friend, Cecil.

He's at a low point now. Very depressed.

He was wearing an M-65 field jacket like the one in Taxi Driver in a previous video. Now his place is full of military gear, boots and he even drinks from a an army canteen bottle. He talks about survival and his hatred for the West because of its worship of women.

Kinda worried about him. He would make an easy target for some Islamic radical to brainwash him.

Cecil, all your friends are here. Keep cool, buddy. Take up some hobbies outdoors, see some sights. Maybe help out? They wont cost anything. You are still young, you can change all this.

I believe in you, Cecil. Even in the darkest time and at the darkest hour I know you can change it all.
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>> No. 626409
In what sense? Your "question" is too open to interpretation. Stop conversing like a caveman and add some context please.
>> No. 626462
File 150121627387.png - (148.18KB , 281x473 , snap8776.png )
Cecil what do you think to me? I could teach you how to look cool like me if you want?
>> No. 626540
I think you should kill yourself Cecil

Caleb Robertson.

File 150108668584.jpg - (156.80KB , 900x528 , white noise machine.jpg )
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Is sleeping without a white noise degenerate?

We were not meant to sleep in total silence. We are meant to hear the winds whooshing through the woods. The chill of ice cold wind upon the rocks. The sounds of nature.
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>> No. 626481
Or maybe I'll just off myself after #1.

Meh. I'll think about it some more after some good drugs.
>> No. 626483 >>626502
BTW @ Mr. Psycho calling me a degenerate:

do you see the small brained racist little neanderthal s here on Uni??

Do you know what a neanderthal looks like when its fur is shaved off??


>> No. 626502
>calling people racist
>using pale (white) as an insult.

I don't even need to explain this one.

File 150114571318.jpg - (5.04KB , 90x120 , aaaaaauuughhhh.jpg )
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relevant to unichan

Pretty much sums it all up and puts a little bow on it.

File 149468780933.png - (256.59KB , 590x359 , waifu.png )
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This is why June is a child compared to Lauren.

Lauren is now actively involved in trying to stop illegal immigrant boats in Europe.

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>> No. 626358
She's cute. I totally support creating content and discussing important issues, and especially actually doing something to support the things you believe rather than just arguing about it on the internet. The only sad thing is that she thinks the alt right "ideology" is a serious, legitimate thing and not just a meme sprouted up in response to extreme liberals.
>> No. 626383 >>626392
You do realize LS has been brainwashed with anti-scientific nonsense spouted by The Daily Stormer, itself manipulated by David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the KKK, right?

All of David Dukes bullshit, including "White Genocide" is crap he makes up because he, like all other failing people, which to drum up support for a revolt that would give them more access to resources...
They're all paranoid losers and nothing more.
Only the weak fear diversity.
>> No. 626392
File 150108485719.png - (588.75KB , 579x800 , 019293.png )
Can you back up anything you said? No. Lauren, like a lot of people (Paul Joseph Watson etc.) are visitors/posters on pol. Not the Daily Stormer, hardly anyone from pol goes there. They are a completely different group. Pro-white groups are not closely united, they share wider ideologies, sure. The Daily Stormer are your knuckle dragging boneheads. They make up a tiny percentage of right wing/pro-white movements. The vast majority of right wing conservatives look like normal people because they are normal people.

Instead of forever associating David Duke with the KKK, how about you watch some of the things he says.

>Only the weak fear diversity.

Garbage statement. The weak welcome "diversity" because it makes a mixture of outcasts, losers and other miscreants that don't fit in. When you are a bloated purple haired loser it's hard to be accepted in an athletic and healthy white community so if you turn everyone into bloated losers you suddenly fit in. That's always been the left. That's you.

Back up your claims and statements with actual facts instead of dropping left wing verbal diarrhea.

File 149524288475.jpg - (229.81KB , 960x960 , truth.jpg )
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You are all going to die. Nobody will escape death. Tomorrow you might be diagnosed with terminal cancer or hit by a truck.

Stop thinking the worse thing in the world is rejection. You have nothing to lose. You will be no worse off than you already are.

Just stop.

do it.


You will die, I promise you. When you are 80 you will smack yourself wishing you were in the position that you are now.

No excuses, Uni.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 623713
i am a meat popsicle
>> No. 623807
It's fear of rejecting: I hate the prospect of having to reject someone. The best way to minimize the risk is to not talk to anyone in private.
>> No. 626359
>You are all going to die
With the recent Hepatitis C vaccine (Gilead Sciences), robotic surgeons (Intuitive Surgical), and the pace of medical advances, I wouldn't be so sure of that. The main hurdle that remains to be conquered is the delicate balance between auto-immune diseases and cancer. With enough funding, immune therapy can solve the greatest barrier to immortality.

File 150085576133.png - (41.48KB , 755x292 , incorrect.png )
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Is sleeping with a pillow degenerate?
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>> No. 626334 >>626340
I sleep on my side or my stomach anyway. I have worse issues than pillow shoulders
>> No. 626335
Also, I typically use a flat pillow that only supports my cranium anyway.
>> No. 626340
File 150093398967.png - (37.60KB , 455x439 , 2 degenerates.png )
Cold Turkey. Once you are really tired you will start to fall asleep on your back. You might wake a few times but after a few nights it will begin to feel normal.

Side sleepers fall into a fetal position. Sleeping on your stomach, your head/neck will be bent allowing you to breathe and can create neck problems. There is no better way than on your back. Everything aligned and straight.

File 15009276848.jpg - (216.22KB , 1208x636 , IMG_9893.jpg )
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This is the male iteration of feminism. This is what they want of you.
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>> No. 626326
gonna' neeed a snopes on dat' 1
>> No. 626327
Idk wtf I just said, but I said it
>> No. 626328
take that to your precious white empire, bitch


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