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File 153639415131.png - (360.76KB , 353x450 , g0at1.png )
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"I'm a world class athlete."
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File 153639446826.png - (62.98KB , 790x439 , gt2.png )
>> No. 632160
He thought deleting his accounts would clear out the back logs. What a buffoon.
>> No. 632211
You cannot bury this post.

File 153506262585.jpg - (231.59KB , 1024x768 , IMG_20180811_185842.jpg )
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I can't get her out of my head sometimes.

How do you guys manage?

I know it's messed up, stupid and crazy.

I know about her before, but these least four or five years... everyday.

It hurts.

Why can't I shake her?

I see others talk about this as well.
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>> No. 632155 >>632161
now you're arguing with yourself in a sad attempt to sockpuppet me because i refuse to engage directly with a troll

just please realize you troll because you're ugly and instead of working on your appearance you troll others to feel superior and in control.

but it just shows you're ugly inside and out
>> No. 632161
Lol the autist continues his autism.

Prove yourself you stupid bitch. Make a video directed at me to prove you are real and I will reply. You can find me here:

>> No. 632165
File 153650353261.png - (727.34KB , 882x514 , stay mad bitch boi.png )
Daddies cawk came in his daughter like a wrecking ball
His daughters pussy stood no chance at all
His cawk wrecked her cunt
It wrecked her cunt

File 153584935815.jpg - (30.74KB , 640x360 , searching-2.jpg )
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Is anybody out there?

I haven't been here in a really long time, but I just watched the move "Searching" and it really reminded me of this place. You guys should all go and see it. It's about a girl who goes missing and her dad has to try and figure out what happened. Turns out she lives a lot of her life online so he's stuck trying to doxx her internet friends, search through all her accounts etc. Reminded me so much of the people here and of the time spent here trying to doxx people and scour the internet for any sort of information on someone.
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>> No. 632144 >>632145
wtf is the tc chat name rn?
>> No. 632145
there isn't one, it's all dead.
>> No. 632148
>>If you see CIA Niggers run them over, they glow in the dark.

File 153226980939.jpg - (515.80KB , 1649x844 , Was-ist-die-Matrix-Artikelbild[1].jpg )
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hello unichan.

today i want to share with you the secret of the universe.

it is all a matrix, and i figured out how to control it.

you can manifest all earthly desire you wish with a single thought.

i will tell you how.
at least, i will tell you how I did it.

there is a specific rule, i call it the "opposite rule"

the idea is that, maybe you have noticed or not, the matrix allways gives you what you not want and refuses you what you want.

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>> No. 631626
This is interesting.
>> No. 631684
"the opposite rule"
Sure sounds scientific and philosophical to me
Nothing like something a child would come up with
>> No. 632140
It means sweet gurl :3

File 15361834817.png - (196.36KB , 521x390 , 7c0.png )
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if your under 9 wams got the time

File 153592230219.png - (921.86KB , 620x868 , shot_0000042.png )
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Hello Boxxy, my name is John and I am very happy to be sending you this message on your website. I am a very big fan of yours, you are very pretty. I am Boxxy, can you see!! Haha I love it!!

You can electronic mail me if you would like that or you could even have my phone number if you want to call me. I hope we can be friends.

I have put a picture of me looking very serious hahahah. There was a "green screen" that they use in the movies so I pretended to be an actor in front of it hahahaha. I am silly.

Yours faithfully, John.
>> No. 632097 >>632106
Dude you are strange even for this place. That's saying somthing
>> No. 632106
I think this is supposed to be a meme of her older fans.
We get it. We're old. It's weird.
>> No. 632107
Boxxy was a good meme yup *sips*


File 15358230117.png - (0.99MB , 1266x556 , sophie bf.png )
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>> No. 632090 >>632091
Doesn't even look remotely like her.
>> No. 632091
File 153592709050.png - (321.23KB , 536x383 , suck it n see.png )
This looks like yo momma though.
>> No. 632095
File 153598042438.jpg - (41.53KB , 720x406 , jwagzz new hair.jpg )
what do u guys think to jwagzz' new hair?

File 153409799230.png - (711.44KB , 1226x866 , SYAY MAD.png )
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Being a boi - an obedient man's boi - is a position in life.

I went home feeling weird and worn out. I'd never left J's without cumming unless I was going to the baths. Now my balls were aching with pent up cum, my cock kept getting hard then going down and by the time I entered the door was a pathetic shrivelled little grub. I stripped to shower off the sweat and lay down naked. My boi penis, no-my cock- began to harden and I began to stroke it. But a strange thing happened, I lost interest allowed it to lie soft across my belly while I lay there thinking about Sir, what he had told me and drifted off to sleep.
Morning came and my piss hard on tempted me to spew the cum pent up from last night. I put some lube on my dick and started to stroke, but it was as if my penis knew better than me what I needed and grew soft in my hand. A little frustrated I got up dressed and went to work. All day I thought about Sir, but my penis hardly stirred.
At five I left and headed out for a drink. Man, did I need it, seeing Dad was fucking with my head - Sir -boi-cock-penis boi dick-boi penis. Instead of checking out the bois around me I was focusing on Sir as the key to my pent up need for release. I thought about heading into the lav and jacking off into the trough, but just sat and waited until it was time to see Dad again. As horny as I was and as much as I needed to drop this load my dick lay soft and quiet in my jeans. Very odd.
He was seated in his usual place by the bar on his stool with his can at his elbow. Bill was with him talking as I walked in. He spied me as I passed and motioned me over between his legs where I automatically assumed the position. As I did so my slack penis began to harden and lengthen giving me the erection I had sought all day. For the first time in twenty-four hours my boi dick lengthened into a full erection and my balls pulled up tight. I experienced a sense of relief and weirdly even safety between Dads legs. Meanwhile he and Bill continued to talk ignoring me. Again Bill palmed my chest and abs, felt my butt and ran his hands over the back of my neck. He commented to dad what a good-looking boi I was, what lovely unblemished skin I had, how well de
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 631808

>> No. 632016
membah me yo?

File 153505470317.png - (1.54MB , 1263x663 , cultural_appropriation.png )
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Is this cultural appropriation?
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>> No. 631998
File 153529431328.png - (173.76KB , 443x362 , rice eater.png )
aww herro! me ling long ching chong!
>> No. 631999 >>632002
> Would you be perfectly fine with a movie of humans that were purple (so the race doesn't exist) and they rape and kill in it? Is it still not raping and killing?

That's pretty horrible but not racist.

> This is still racism. Clearly the character is based on an actual race. Stop trying to worm your way out of your racism and own it. Own it, accept it and apologize. Or you know, be an idiotic hate filled racist bigot? Your choice.

Agrabahian is a race?

You're either retarded or retarded.
>> No. 632002
File 153529592193.gif - (27.42KB , 180x225 , pickaninny-barbeque.gif )
>hey look this is a blackanian from Afri-Bonga-Land and neither the place or race exists so this isn't racist

>Hahaha like checkmate retards!

Calling others retarded when you can't even figure out what blatant racism is. Just wow. You are either highly retarded yourself or seriously grasping at straws.

Of course it's all based on the Middle East, the culture, Sultans etc. You really think because they called them "Agrabahian" or whatever it makes it all OK? Totally not a play on the word Arabian.. right?

Fucking educate yourself, racist mouth breather.

File 15346812982.png - (391.36KB , 591x399 , happy tony.png )
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Positive messages for Cecil.

Cecil is currently incarcerated and has been for 6 weeks now. He was arrested for soliciting a minor for sex using the transfer of money.

The girl in question is thought to be around the age of 14 and Cecil is not pleading guilty because he said he thought she was homeless and was helping her out giving her some money.

All messages can be passed on to him to help him through this time.
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>> No. 631936
And what's wrong with that?

Should she have become a transgender man and fucked people like you in the ass?

No she became a natural whore. Her bf realizes hes a cuck. Have a little sympathy
>> No. 631938
Yep, Quake was a good game.

>> No. 631997
File 15352888407.png - (174.97KB , 1140x455 , enlightened cecil.png )

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